“Greasebat #3” Mini Kaiju Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm

Jeff Lamm is back with another one of his awesome kaiju canvas prints.  “Greasebat #3″ is a 4″ x 4” gocco print on canvas, has an edition of 25, and is $27 shipped.  These are all unique and ready to hang.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

6 Responses to ““Greasebat #3” Mini Kaiju Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm”

  1. Gotta love these little things, this will be my 7th one, and part 3 of the set of 4 that go together.

  2. Sold out! thanks everybody. Thanks Baker !

  3. yup this is my 4th one…i love them as well.

  4. they are sold out it appears…glad i got in on the preorder!

  5. FUCK

  6. The text is back to front….

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