“The Conductor” Art Print by El Mac and Retna (Onsale Info)

Looks like part of the mural that El Mac and Retna collaborated on will be released as an art print.  “The Conductor” is a huge four color screenprint, has an edition of 50, and will be $250 (or $500 framed).  It will first be available tomorrow at the grand opening of Dialect Gallery in Los Angeles, then Saturday at Lucent L’amour.  Any remaining copies will be available online Monday, February 15th at 12pm PST.  Visit DowntownDialect.com.

7 Responses to ““The Conductor” Art Print by El Mac and Retna (Onsale Info)”

  1. why are “el mac’s” prints so expensive? Hes not really that famous is he? Or does he have a huge following i don’t know about?

  2. They are really expensive. I guess they are for a very specific market.

  3. I’m usually pretty keen on complaining about prices, but this seems reasonable to me. I guess it just comes down, again, to the individual’s choice. I think these look pretty freakin’ cool, but do not have that kind of disposable income. I’m betting they’ll sell out… eventually.

  4. El Mac has been around for a long time, although his online presence has been sparse in previous years, his street credibility and popularity here in LA is held in extremely high regard. Keep in mind too that this is a collaboration piece as well. These prices are dirt cheap imo.

  5. Whats it say?

  6. the description says that it is huge. my guess is it could be 40×30. look at the picture.

  7. The last print he did sold out right away. He should probably do more prints but maybe make them less fancy and cheaper?

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