New Posters for The Wolfman and The Wolf Man by Daniel Danger and Martin Ansin (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse has teamed up with Universal to release official posters for both the original Lon Chaney film, The Wolf Man, and the new remake, The Wolfman.  Daniel Danger’s poster is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and will be $40.  Martin Ansin’s Wolf Man poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 250, and will be $45.  There will also be a glow in the dark variant of Ansin’s poster with an edition of 75 for $80.  These go up today (Thursday, February 4th) at a random time.  Visit

EDIT:  If the site still doesn’t work, there is a fix on the Mondo Blog.

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  1. 100th!

    thanks all.

    ill have some later.

    i will not be taking phone orders.

  2. If your in San Francisco use Frames on 3rd – They service to the artists direct and B’Jesus they are cheap.

    I used American Framers online for a bit – not a stunning on quality or price.

    Makes the prints look cheap eh

  3. looks like the Danger print is back up on Mondo

  4. oops! now says soldout.

    but i did just grab one a sec ago….

  5. the ansin was back up on mondo a couple of minutes ago…
    grabbed one… 🙂

  6. Good for you, Jesus. That’s about an hour and a half after they refunded me on a regular and a variant. Received a Paypal receipt at 12:17 yesterday afternoon. Awesome.

  7. Okay a half an hour (OMG is an hour behind me), but still.

  8. Just got a call from Justin and he’s trying to make things right. Should have never doubted Mondo…they’ve always done right by me.

  9. dlfennell,
    i am glad things are working out for you…

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