New Posters for The Wolfman and The Wolf Man by Daniel Danger and Martin Ansin (Onsale Info)

The Alamo Drafthouse has teamed up with Universal to release official posters for both the original Lon Chaney film, The Wolf Man, and the new remake, The Wolfman.  Daniel Danger’s poster is a 12″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 350, and will be $40.  Martin Ansin’s Wolf Man poster is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 250, and will be $45.  There will also be a glow in the dark variant of Ansin’s poster with an edition of 75 for $80.  These go up today (Thursday, February 4th) at a random time.  Visit

EDIT:  If the site still doesn’t work, there is a fix on the Mondo Blog.

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  1. So they’re not selling them to people outside the states?

  2. Correct, as per their agreement with Universal.

  3. No Posters for sale outside the US? come on…. thats a bit 1960s isn’t it…. We are a global village now. I’m kind of annoyed at big companies blanket approach to things such as this. This is an art poster market and its global. It will just go up on ebay anyway (at a much higher price)!!! They (universal) should leave this market alone…

  4. Oh, that’s bloody BS, man. What a kick in the nuts.

  5. Martin Ansin work is a beautiful piece… see you on ebay mister!

  6. WOW. Both of these are incredible. Should I grab one then go immediately to check out? Or be greedy, try for both and risk the site crashing before completion of the order. Hah.

  7. The Danger on in particular is stunning. But I’m in the UK. Thanks Universal! that’s super! and not douchey at all…

  8. Wow, those are both great. No International postage sucks though.

  9. USA! USA! USA!

  10. A bit puzzled as to why DD would put his usual ‘girl with cross’ on this one (unless requested)?
    seems a little weird to put something so ‘artist specific’ and personal on a movie poster, I almost expected to see a floating ghost etc.

  11. Some people should step up here and help those people over seas. I am getting the Ansin one. If anyone was itching for the Danger and i can scoop it i would be down to hook a brother up. First person to comment Wolf Boner!

  12. Holy-site-redesign Mondo… I was just getting to like the old-new look.

  13. WOLF BONER!!

  14. Hey Chris,
    If you were serious, let me know. Pretty bummed I’m going to missing this.

  15. Well, it’s up now. If you were, I can paypal you the total plus shipping to me (i’m in Canada).


  17. So do you get shut out depending on your IP? I’m receiving an error message after clicking the “Add to Cart” button. I’m in Canada, but was going to have it shipped to a Florida address.

  18. Nope, I’m having problems as well in the US.

  19. it’s pointless…i can’t even sign in to my account let alone buy one of the poster.

  20. Tom, I am serious if i can get this shopping cart to work

  21. I’d owe you big time! I’m serious too, if you get it, I’ll get you the money right away.

  22. they need a better shopping cart developer. this new one they have suck!

  23. Im not having any problems, are people still having issues?

  24. I’m still having issues, this is ridiculous.

  25. Yeah this sucks. Totally on it for the drop, shopping cart took a shit on itself.
    Oh Mondo, how I love thee.. why you gotta change up the whole system right before a big drop like this?

    So be it, good luck everyone! :)

  26. Yeah this sucks. Totally on it for the drop, shopping cart took a shit on itself.
    Oh Mondo, how I love thee.. why you gotta change up the whole system right before a big drop like this?

    So be it, good luck everyone! :)

  27. In my cart Tom, if it will just let me check out

  28. the checkout page is taking forever to load, fml.

  29. : )
    I’ve got my prayer beads out.

  30. It works, just keep refreshing your add to cart. Once the site pops up again, go to checkout.

  31. Yessss!!! I got both! Great success!

  32. Stuck in the shopping cart… not giving up!

  33. SUCKS – I couldn’t remember my mondo password then everything stalled.

  34. Keep trying guys, I just checked out

  35. Done and Done

    Tom send me an email and well figure it all out

  36. With much patience and luck I finally snagged the Danger print. Good luck to all those who actually like these prints and aren’t out to flip.

  37. Wooo Hooo! Got both! That was hard a$$ work. Got my paypal reciept and invoice number from Mondo. I’d be surprised if i don’t get a “we’re sorry” email from Mondo though. Wish i didn’t stop smoking, I need a cigarette

  38. Much appreciated!!

  39. Looks like the site crashed guys. Either that or they’re all gone. Good luck if you haven’t gotten one yet.

  40. wish i’d gotten a cup of coffee BEFORE i started this

  41. i don’t understand why none of these stores f’ing try out the damn shopping card before making a release. hella stupid i swear

  42. You know if you’re going to do something like this you should probably make sure your site’s back-end can handle it. I don’t have time to sit here refreshing the view cart page to check out, and once I even got to the check out page and the drop down lists with state and country weren’t working…

  43. Well crap. This site really doesn’t want me to get these posters.

  44. Hammertime, they actually spent weeks building a new website for this release since the last one used to crash. Everything went excellent till today, and they were assured by the company that it would be totally smooth. They will keep searching till they find a solution that works.

  45. i got both! just took a lot of patience and 35 min. 20 min i tried logging into my account and i put in the wrong verification so im like im def done now. i ended up putting shit in manually and went with flow and got it after 35 min

  46. Yeah it’s super tough running an online store like this. If you invest in “crash proof” solutions you’re basically gonna be bleeding money most of the time when your site doesn’t see anywhere near as much traffic as it can handle. On the other hand if you get it set up to handle your average daily load it’ll collapse when a zillion poster monkeys get itchy reload fingers all morning.
    Tyler Stout recently did a neat mailing list pre-order thing for his Lost, Monster Squad, and Phish releases and that seemed to go really well (I scored a Monster Squad variant :) ). Wonder if that might be an idea to consider in the future for prints that are guaranteed to generate a ton of interest?
    Who knows. Mondo rules either way. Half the fun is the chase for these things.

    Almost forgot to comment on the art itself!
    Daniel Danger’s poster is, as usual, amazing. Martin Ansin is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists these days and work like this is exactly why. Stellar art you guys.

  47. sold out

  48. Mondotees spent weeks to prepare for a failed release?! ehhhhh……LOL. Let’s be real, I think their customers would appreciate it more if they took orders via email instead of their failed attempts to try and make a shopping cart work. I would gladly do a phone order if possible. I was on their site at 8:40AM, it’s now 9:53AM and I’m still getting this message, “We apologize for the inconvenience! Please try again in a few minutes.” I still can’t checkout and it’s almost an hour! I’m sure by the time I’m able to checkout the posters I have on my shopping cart is gone.

  49. You can go to outside web hosts/shopping cart processors for large releases, I work IT for a company that does basically just that. For instance when Dominos does some big promotion they don’t use their main website, and the company I work with hosts the site for the promotion on a cluster that can handle more than a few hundred people hitting it at a time (some we’ve seen 10s of thousands of hits within minutes of each other).

    If they’re looking at this blog post and want another avenue rather than just changing up their main hosting constantly, let me know, maybe we can help them out.

    Otherwise I guess I’m going to stop trying to refresh the cart… its the middle of the day and I assume most other people like me have work we should be doing.

  50. iron, i think mondo is trying too hard on this online thing. i understand it’s cool to have a your inventory counted by the shopping cart, but when customers have to wait an hour or even 30mins just to buy a merchandise, just imagine the frustration and the anger it reflects towards the company. there are other practical solutions if they can’t get it right…

  51. how about this logical solution lol..DONT PUT UP TWO BIG POSTERS BY TWO IN DEMAND ARTISTS AT THE SAME TIME

  52. ughhh…3d card, why can’t you work!

  53. 3dcart*. crap. WORK DAMN YOU!

  54. i don’t think it matters who the artist are, what matters is how they handle the demand of the public. why in the world would they even run this through their website when they know their site can’t handle the traffic? dude, tell people to send emails if they wanna cop and do it like that, super simple. yes, shipping might take more time but at least everyone is happy. more work for their employees but they’re getting paid so it’s all good.

  55. Yeah pretty stupid idea. I’ve gotten to the shopping cart about 10 different times but I can’t seem to get past that. Epic fail.

  56. like how many more website crash experience do they need so they can adapt? i swear this is like that bart simpson story where he kept touching the electrocuted cupcake that was placed on top of the bookshelf by lisa.

  57. You don’t think building an entire new website with a new company was trying to adapt? C’mon.

  58. well, i have been trying to cart out since 1 hour ago but the message flashed “There is a problem with the page you are trying to reach and it cannot be displayed. We apologize for the inconvenience! Please try again in a few minutes. An e-mail has been sent to the administrator about this problem. Click here to return to the page you came from.” I have been clicking since 1 hour till now.. Man!

  59. i think the site just completely shut down. now im getting 404’s

  60. Tom W & Christopher gets my vote. We need some sort of community page as that was tres cool.

  61. just because they rebuilt the site doesn’t mean they adapted. everyone had beef with their shopping cart and it’s the same o’l problem again. they should changed their name from Mondotees to Can’t Get Right, now that’s adapting.

  62. More than tres cool. Uber cool. Even ultra cool

  63. They tried out a brand new shopping cart system that was supposed to be 100% fine during heavy traffic. They will keep trying new solutions until it gets solved. At least they are trying to fix it.

    Complaining, on the other hand, doesn’t fix anything.

  64. Looks like all three are still available. according to the store anyway. I wouldn’t give up if anyone still wants one.

  65. Yeah guys I just checked out with both in my shopping cart, confirmation number and everything. Keep trying.

  66. omg posters should get a forum
    is any one willing to help a some one in the uk ?
    i really wont that Daniel Danger’s poster


  67. Life happens. Are they sold out is the question?

  68. Complaining apparently makes the world go rockin’ round though.
    After having a kid I had to trade in a job riding a bicycle around all day for a gig with insurance and a living wage and job security and all that. This job entails dealing with people and their money and I’ve learned that if people don’t get everything exactly how they want it, when they want it, and for the price they want to pay for it they will go to great lengths to make the world a less pleasant place to be in.

    Raise your hand if you feel you DESERVED one of these posters today and were somehow wronged by the faulty checkout server…

    Now put your left leg up if you woulda loved to get a hold of one of these but really ain’t sweatin it much and are just stoked you’ve got this neat art community thing going on where working class people can actually afford limited runs of beautiful artwork…

    And finally breakdance if you were lucky enough to get in on this release…

    Ok, everyone with their left leg up please crane kick the shit outta the fools with their hands raised and go breakdance with the other kids cause it’s the right thing to do!

  69. Just saw update, thanks.

  70. Got’em! Yes! Absolutely beautiful posters. Well done Mondo.

  71. any news on whether or not they’re sold out? ive been clicking away for over an hour

  72. McCourt I can give you a U.S. address you can use and once I get it I can forward it on to you, I’ve already ordered both of them myself so I can’t order it again.

    Leave your email address if you’re serious. I know it’s tough to trust people over the internet but I’m not looking to screw anyone over so let me know.

  73. system down again. good work by the artist, good collaboration with mondo, horrible sale execution by mondo.

  74. Hammertime, shut up and keep refreshing.

  75. I’m just glad i’ve got a chance to get them. That Ansin’s gonna look great with the wolf man cutting his eyes at Dr. Parnassus. My first DD btw, and it’s gonna be bad a$$ i think.

  76. Can’t understand no international sales, how will they police the secondary market, one is all ready on ebay…

  77. On ebay listed for $200. Lord all mighty

  78. I have had one of each in my basket for two hours now, have constantly been refreshing the checkout page, and for the last hour all I have been getting is BAD REQUEST-INVALID HOSTNAME. Very frustrating. Giving up now, although I love the rush, life is too short.

  79. still down….

  80. haha,. how do you list one for 200.00 on ebola and you dont have it in your hands yet? THATS HISTERICAL!.

  81. Does anyone have any good places to buy frames for these size prints? I’ve got tons of prints because of this damn site but can’t find any decent frame that fits them for cheaper than $70.

    Any good custom framing websites or any advice?

  82. So… Is this thing still alive? Sold out? Whats going on?

  83. You can find a frame for the Ansin just about anywhere. 24×36 is a standard frame size. The danger’s not. You could always get a 24×36 and mat it down to 12×24 if you want that much mat.

  84. THEY UP! Variant sold out, but I got the other two. Yay!

  85. Steven,

    I just recently purchased a mat cutter for myself and have saved hundreds already in framing costs. Once you have that, you can pretty much find cheap frames anywhere (sales, goodwill, etc). Glass or plexi, and mats you can order probably locally. I’ve seen a lot of people who order from American Frame, but if it gets up to a bigger size, you get killed by the shipping costs.

  86. how come the site still isn’t up? I keep getting a “bad request” message whenever I try to get to the site. Help!

  87. Yes! Finally! I got the Danger poster 8)

  88. Tom,

    Where’s a good place to get a mat cutter.? I never actually tried to cut my own mat, is it pretty easy to do?


  89. Tony, don’t worry you’re not the only one. I’m sure it will up up soon enough though, just hope theres an Ansin left.

  90. Yeah, i’ve been thinking of getting a mat cutter. Be worth the investiment i think. I get most of my stuff at Hobby Lobby, mats and glass and stuff. If you go to buy a frame and its not on sale, ask someone there when the next frame sale will be. They usually have everything half off at least once a month its seems.

  91. I just tried guys and i can get to the store no prob. looks like the danger and the reg ansin are still avail. Like Jennifer C. said, the variant’s gone though.

  92. Danger is Gone it appears

    also typo on their site on how to flush the DNS if you cant get in still, it should read this way : ipconfig /flushdns

  93. Scored a DD! Stoked.

    As far as framing here’s what I’ve found works great on odd size prints.
    Get a piece of 3/16″ foamcore (any art supply shop) cut to the size of the print and buy those “easy frame” corner pieces (same art supply shop) that are made to sandwich a poster (almost invisible corner clamps with a tiny spring and tensioning string in back holding it all in place) between the foamcore backing and the plexi-glass front.
    Then get out to any plastics shop (Plasticare here in Denver) and have them cut you a sheet of 1/8″ plexi-glass for your front.
    On a 12″x24″ print like the DD here you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $30 for the entire kit and it looks really nice imo.

  94. Thanks for all the advice concerning the framing guys, it’s a huge help. I’ve been dying to get a few prints framed but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing so. I appreciate it.

  95. i hate getting killed on framing costs. it really stinks. i have a quote for Tim Doyle’s “General Ursus” print and the frame shop wants like 180.00. i even told them i wanted the CHEAPEST black frame, and the cheapest mat ( one layer Black and one layer of Red) am i totally getting hosed here people? please help!!!

  96. Congrats to all who scored these awesome prints! I spent all my money on the new Brandt Peters toy this morning, so I had to pass on these…

    Framing: Go to Michaels or Aaron Brothers and buy a frame with their half-off coupon and then have them cut a matte for you. They will measure your print and cut the matte to the correct size, you just have to put it all together yourself. You can also buy the 2-sided tape, acid-free paper and backing paper there if you want to take it that far. I framed 2 prints with mattes and the frames had actual glass versus the plexi-glass of cheaper frames for about $130 at AB. One was 26×30 and the other was 24×28. Aaron Brothers does have a much better selection of frames by the way…

  97. Tony, framing stores usually mark up the costs significantly. $180 is about average depending on what you’re getting done. I’ve had one piece cost me $300+ once, but it was a bigger piece with the archival glass, and custom frame. If you’re not doing it yourself, and you want the print/artwork to last, I would recommend not going with the cheapest guy as they’ll use cheap material and drymount your artwork without even asking you. Some scary stories I’ve heard.

    Darren, I’d check your local art supply store for the mat cutter. Make sure you get one with a straight edge and tbar if you can. (i.e. don’t just buy the knives as you’ll never be able to cut them in a straight line). I use a Logan 301S and it does the job. It’s a bit harder on the larger mat cutting needs, but I’ve still been able to make do.

  98. got the Ansin. Anyone know if DD will sell some on his site?

  99. Thanks for the advice Tom, I’ll look into that!

  100. I’m supposedly related to Lon Chaney Jr. but then again I’m adopted so I don’t think it really counts.

  101. 100th!

    thanks all.

    ill have some later.

    i will not be taking phone orders.

  102. If your in San Francisco use Frames on 3rd – They service to the artists direct and B’Jesus they are cheap.

    I used American Framers online for a bit – not a stunning on quality or price.

    Makes the prints look cheap eh

  103. looks like the Danger print is back up on Mondo

  104. oops! now says soldout.

    but i did just grab one a sec ago….

  105. the ansin was back up on mondo a couple of minutes ago…
    grabbed one… :)

  106. Good for you, Jesus. That’s about an hour and a half after they refunded me on a regular and a variant. Received a Paypal receipt at 12:17 yesterday afternoon. Awesome.

  107. Okay a half an hour (OMG is an hour behind me), but still.

  108. Just got a call from Justin and he’s trying to make things right. Should have never doubted Mondo…they’ve always done right by me.

  109. dlfennell,
    i am glad things are working out for you…

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