“Our Circle Is Vicious” Art Print by Jacob Bannon

Converge frontman Jacob Bannon’s newest art print is now available.  “Our Circle Is Vicious” is a 10.5″ x 39″ screenprint for $40.  It comes in two colorways (actually, I believe a third already sold out), each with an edition of 200.  Visit DeathwishInc.com.

17 Responses to ““Our Circle Is Vicious” Art Print by Jacob Bannon”

  1. Yuck, he saves all the good stuff for his own band.

  2. I like it.

  3. I love em. Grabbed one of each. The pics never do his work justice. He puts alot of detail into his pieces and the layering of the inks.

  4. He saves the good stuff, for the $300 ones. (I still like his good work)

  5. @ Stoney ; they where the art work for rise & fall not converge

    Did anyone get the mixed (3rd sold out one)
    I got the silver & gold but I would have loved to get my hands on the mixed one

    For any one that wonted to see the 3rd print this is it I think


  6. I got a mixed one .
    The info along with it said that each will be individual with either different paper or ink combinations .

  7. same price?

  8. $10 more.

  9. This is a pretty insane print…

  10. Insane (good) I mean.

  11. the special editions were not the same price. they were $10 more which by most standards, was a steal for something limited to only 25 and gone about as fast as you can snap your fingers.

    i also agree with whoever pointed out that these are going to look way better in person than the jpegs suggest.

  12. Gross… works as LP artwork, but not as a print.

  13. I dig this, but the odd size will make it a pain in the ass to print.

  14. I meant frame.

  15. I would have liked this if it was horizontal rather than vertical. I would have bought one if were that way.

  16. meatloaf – who says you cant hang this horizontally if you really wanted to? seems to me it’d work either way (not discounting the signature and numbering but on some of jakes full bleed prints you literally have to squint to see it anyway).

  17. Nothing of Bannon’s work that I am familiar with has moved me at all. Seems like his fanbase is probably composed mostly of his art-buying listeners rather than his music-buying viewers, or solely viewer-buyers.

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