“Evening” Art Print by Glenn Barr and Pressure Printing

Pressure Printing set out to make the most insanely amazing giclee they could, and the end result is pretty stunning.  Glenn Barr’s “Evening” is an 11″ x 23″ giclee, which was then mounted with an inlay process to a debossed 18.5″ x 30″ sheet of watercolor paper.  It has an edition of 50, and it costs $395.  Learn more about the process at the Pressure Printing Blog.

7 Responses to ““Evening” Art Print by Glenn Barr and Pressure Printing”

  1. Glenn Barr has a really nice show running now through Feb at the 4th wall gallery in Dallas Tx. His work is 100 times better in person.

  2. there is something so very creepy about this one.

    glenn is so good at capturing the gritty side of human nature with subtle sadness. i think this painting does an excellent job of conveying that.

  3. this looks beautiful; expensive, but beautiful
    wish I had a little more disposable income at the moment

  4. Beautiful print, wish I could afford it myself

  5. Pressure Printing has this up for $295, not $395. That’s a little closer, but still out of reach. A great print.

  6. The way this print is debossed on to the watercolor paper is awesome!

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