Loads of New Prints from Tyler Stout (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout is going to be a very busy man this week, he is releasing a ton of stuff.  I have listed all the appropriate info below.  Be on time, and visit TStout.com.

“Lost” – Available Monday, January 18th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 300:

Phish – Available Tuesday, January 19th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

Be on his mailing list, then watch your inbox at 1pm PST.

18″ x 24″ Screenprint in Three Colorways:

The Monster Squad – Available Wednesday, January 20th Between 1pm-3pm PST.

Sale info coming!

24″ x 36″ Screenprint.  Regular and Variant Colorways:

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  1. Tstout is going to be packed this week! People are going crazy for that lost poster!

  2. ugh why even bother trying

  3. I already have one of the Lost. Looks really nice in person. Especially with those metallic inks in it. It is just so damn big. I am going to sell mine after this sale is over.

  4. From Lostargs.com:

    The following information has been released by Tyler Stout about the extra 16th poster copies sale.

    On monday, January 18th, between 1-3 PM, my lost poster will go up for sale.
    I cannot give a specific time since that would crash my website. IF MY SITE DOES CRASH, and i hope it doesn’t, i will put up the sale at some point after it comes back up online.

    At some point between 1-3 PM (PST 9pm GMT) I will put up a specific email address on my website, tstout.com, along with a Lost related question. you must email the email address given on tstout.com, and your email must include:

    1. your answer to the question

    2. your actual mailing address listed on your paypal.

    Any emails that don’t include both of these items in the same email will be disqualified.

    Since I have less than 50 Lost posters for sale, sales will be determined in the order I receive emails to that specific email address. You will know within ten minutes of sending your email if you were within the first 40ish people to email. Those picked will be given the option to buy the poster, and if they decline, I will move down the list of emails until I am sold out.

    I will not be giving the question beforehand, or the email address to send it to. please don’t email asking if you were picked. if you need an update, check back to tstout.com and it will list the status of the sale. once it says ‘sold out’, the poster will be completely sold out, 100%. ”

    (Yhanks to MiddayShadows for the information in the comments section)

  5. Any guesses on the price for Lost?

  6. so the only way to get lost is through e-mails? or did i just read that wrong

  7. I dunno, im wondering the same thing. Is this just through an Email on his store? And for the people who dont watch the show but love Tyler? I dont know a goddamn thing about lost.. How can i answer any questions about it..

  8. Do you think its at all possible that one day they might reprint the lost one? I know it says “NEVER AGAIN” on the original sale site but come on! I’ll take a third reprint version just for the artwork alone…

  9. ABC/Disney has total control over this. If they say 300 then it will only be 300.

  10. DMS, sometimes you can’t get everything you want.

  11. i think the site is already crashed

  12. regarding the sale today, if anyone’s reading this, i’ll be putting the question/sale up at some point today, after my website comes back up. whenever that may be.

  13. so … we won’t be getting any e-mails? just through the site where we get the question

  14. yep. the question will be released on the site at some point today. sorry that wasn’t clear.

  15. no problem

  16. This reminds me of woot offs Bag of crap sale..

  17. any clue on pricing?

  18. Probably $300-500 for the Lost print

  19. Tyler’s site is pretty much down. Tyler, is there any way you can just randomly pick like 50 people from your email list and give them like 10 mins to respond or something? Or can you at least give us an idea of pricing? As much as I believe you deserve whatever you can make on these (my favorite of yours BTW), I just cannot afford anything over 100 bucks. It would save me alot of stress trying to fight for one of these posters if your charging more then that.


  20. Tyler, can you just give Chongo all of your copies for free?
    It would save me a lot of stress worrying about getting one if I knew they were going to someone so deserving.

  21. Just tried getting on the site for the 1st time today…. bummer, I’m sure Tyler has a head ache!!

  22. Please do not do the random 50 people again. I lost on the Inglourious Basterds print because of the lottery and have all day to sit here.

  23. Yeh, i just got home so figured I would also give it a shot. I can only imagine how much the site is getting hammered right now.

  24. It’s bad. Worked from about 3:00 cst to about 3:02. Then just started laughing at me when i F5’d.

  25. @Simco – HERE HERE!

    seriously though, I know more then a few people who are asking the same questions and I in no way mean to just “gimme gimme”. Hell, if you read what I say, I mentioned just picking 50 random people. I doubt I’d get one in that case.

    The reason I ask for a general price is because my other favorite lost poster by Nate Duval went for $250 smackers! Again, all deserving to the artist… I’m just curious if I (sorry, WE) should even bother bogging down your site by refreshing constantly and making Tyler’s job harder.

  26. should have just put them up randomly with no word or mention of it. problem solved.

  27. This is crazy.

  28. Why not just send out the question and the new email address to the list subscribers and the first 50 fastest in get the first shot? Seems like that would be the easiest way to go with no traffic hammering his site.

  29. Biggest waste of 3 hours ever

  30. I totally agree with PessimisticLines on this one.

  31. Its like his telling people what time he wants his site to crash (Between 1-3). The way he released the Warriors print is the way to go. There was no hassle at all with those.

  32. well that was a complete waste of everyone’s time, i apologize. 2 hours of refreshing my site trying to upload, and nothing.

    so, i am sending out a new email to my mailing list people. apologies again.

  33. No hard feelings

  34. artists who have presales then can’t have a coordinated regular sale should cancel presales just to be fair to all and assure everyone is pissed off.

  35. Man, am I the only one who couldn’t care less about the Lost poster, but can’t wait until Wednesday for the Monster Squad one?

  36. tyler, how ’bout sending that email sooner than 5 hours from now? east coasters have to sleep after refreshing your site for 2 hours…

  37. How about he does whatever he wants? Sense of entitlement is running high around here, and Tyler is the type to actually take this stuff to heart and get bummed out.

    You guys need to settle down, there are hardly any posters to go around anyway, the chances are very high that you will NOT get one, so don’t complain so much.

  38. Dearest admin…would you be able to confirm for us that it was indeed the REAL Tyler Stout that posted about the mailing list emails going out? If so, thanks!

  39. Yes, he totally can distribute them any way he pleases. I’m fine with that. I’m also OK with wasting 2 hours of my time and not getting one, but wasting 2 hours of my time when the infrastructure wasn’t there for ANYONE to get one was pretty annoying. You kind of have to admit that, admin.

  40. I may not be an admin, but i can confirm the email seeing as I got one. Tyler makes killer posters and we should all just be happy hes even giving those of use that havnt gotten one yet a shot at them. Chill out everyone.

  41. could someone please copy/paste the email…

  42. Tyler, you should just put all of em up on ebay and let the highest bidders win. I don’t see why you shouldn’t get the maximum dollar amount for your work


    So, due to increased demand and web traffic, i will no longer be selling stuff on tstout.com.
    THE SALE ON MY SITE (which is crashed) IS CANCELED. New sale instructions to follow.
    normally i hate changing plans in mid-sale, but i don’t see tstout.com not being crashed for hours
    and hours to come, and i don’t want you wasting more of your time refreshing it.

    instead, i will relay sale information via this mailing list.
    if you’re just interested in getting an email from me once every so often, this is not the mailing list to be on.
    it is only for those interested in getting constant sale instructions from me. during a sale week you may get up to 3 or 4.
    i hate doing it, but i can’t keep up with the site crashings and emails from frustrated customers.

    so, fair warning. i won’t hold it against you if you unsubscribe.
    otherwise i’ll assume you like getting several emails from me in a short span of time.
    no need to email and say ‘keep me on your mailing list’, just don’t unsubscribe and you’ll stay on it.

    at 8PM TONIGHT PST (about 5 hours from now), i will send out an email to my mailing listers.
    in it, i will have the lost question. As well as the EMAIL ADDRESS to email your answer to.
    Please DO NOT email me at Tyler@tstout.com with your answer, i will provide the email address in the email.

    it might be the same way for the phish poster sale tomorrow, so expect another email.
    and one Wednesday with the monster squad sale info.

    my apologies to those of you that have spent the past 2 hours refreshing tstout.com.
    i have spent the past 2 hours trying to upload the lost info. this mailing list idea is to avoid wasting more of your time.

    TONIGHT, 8 PM PST, check your email.

    thanks again,

  44. email is up at tstout.com. Maybe instead of sending out an email, tyler could just come to each of our houses and ask us if we want to buy one. That seems more fair to me. Stop complaining, tyler could sale these to the first 50 people named tyler if he wanted too. It’s a high demand poster, expect to work a little.

  45. I am all kinds of excited for The Monster Squad poster, seriously one of my favorite flicks. Excellent job on it Tyler!

    Can’t wait to buy it Wednesday1

  46. Jen, have you ever tried to sell a poster that thousands of people want? It’s not easy at all, there is no magic “infrastructure” that will fix it. Every sale of this volume is experimental, and his communication has been great through this whole thing. Give him a break, he deserves it.

  47. Jen must be a lostie.

  48. Seriously some of you fools really do have an absurd sense of entitlement… buncha children.
    Sitting around refreshing a website for two hours then NOT getting what you want and having to wait until you get the mystery question via email from the artist himself and responding like ravenous crackheads so you can just maybe possibly get a print is why this whole thing’s so fun! If it were easy you wouldn’t appreciate getting that magical poster tube a couple weeks from now.
    I’m not being goofy here I really love getting my art this way and I couldn’t be more proud of the Tyler Stouts I have framed in my living room :)

  49. I hope I didn’t come off as a jerk. I’m a Lost fan but I wouldn’t even start queuing for the poster, I don’t have a hope in hell of getting it. Monster Squad on the other hand was one of my top movies growing up. I actually bought the VHS I kept renting from my local Blockbuster ($1!) when they liquidated to DVD. Not a lot of hope getting one of those either, but hey, sometimes you have to tilt at that windmill, right?

  50. So how much is it going to be? I won’t even bother if it’s over a hundy…

  51. I’m sure it’ll be more than a Benjamin.

  52. No, I have not tried to sell a poster that thousands of people want – and, I’m sure Tyler’s a swell fellow and I think he put out an iconic Lost poster – but if you’re pretty sure your site’s gonna crash (and from his postings, it sounds like he pretty much knew), just do the email thing earlier. That’s my only point. Whether we spent 2 hours or 2 minutes refreshing, the website wasn’t going to work so why even go down that road. And, for those bozos that think I feel entitled, I don’t, at all. I’m a champion for common sense.

  53. I would just like to go on record that that ‘tj’ charactor up ther is NOT the TJ from ebeans and I would never tell an artist how to sell a poster on a blog.

    Also, i agree with the admin here on everything.

    Also, hi mom!

  54. No entitlement here. As a consumer though, I only want to know how much money it might cost. This way if its more then what I can afford, I can then stand aside and let someone else have it and I can stop tying up valuable bandwidth for him.

    I truly hope Tyler makes a boat load off this as he is 100% my favorite poster/screen artist. I only wish they perhaps one day, he might make a different lost poster or something just as cool…(cough cough TRON cough cough).


  55. Man I love big print drops! You can smell the electricity in the air. Also, I am a nerd.

  56. @Chongo: a TRON poster from Tyler would be AMAZING. The glow in the dark ink possibilities make my brain melt a little.

  57. For those wondering price who knows. Tyler always seems to do a great job at pricing things out, but really he could sell these for 400+ and people will still snatch them up no problem. Ken Taylors was an 18 x 24 that sold on postersandtoys for 300. Tylers is a 24 x 36, so who knows. Just my 2 cents. Good luck everyone!

  58. Just got the email. No WAY I could answer those questions (was gonna try and get one for my sister who’s a huge Lost fan). Kinda rad to do the sale this way though. Requires more than itchy reload buttons. Kudos Mr. Stout :)

    Good luck guys!

  59. I misread it at first and thought it was name 8 characters who have died which i could rattle off random people for that. Sent it in…and then re-read it….oops haha. Oh well, fun sale. Thanks Tyler.

  60. Questions
    1:Who kills John Locke’s father , inside the brig of the Black Rock?

    2: Who is Daniel Faraday’s constant?

    3: Who is Jack’s half sister?

    4: Who accidentally shoots and kills Shannon?

    5: What name did Desmond and Penny give their baby?

    6: Who was the last person to push the button in the Swan?

    7: What is the name of the Dharma Station Desmond occupies for three years?

    8: What is the name of the Hydrogen bomb brought to the island in 1954 by the U.S. Military?

    9: We know it as ‘the Freighter’ – what is it’s real name?

    10: On the island, the Four-Toed Statue is all that remains of a statue dedicated to what Egyptian deity?

    11: In “House of the Rising Sun,” which two characters first discover “Adam and Eve,” in the caves?

    12: During a flashback, we learn that Locke once worked in a toy store – in it, what game is he shown demonstrating to a child?

    13: Who sat in seat 29C on Flight 815?

    14: What station did Mikhail Bakunin live in?

    15: What book is Jacob seen reading while sitting on the bench, just before Locke’s fall to the ground, behind him?

  61. I know 7 of them FOR SURE….can’t figure out the 8th. Dammit!
    Once this is all over, please post your answer, lucky winners!

  62. I’m curious as to how fast the fastest times were. I sent in my email at 11:02 EST and I didn’t get it. Bahh. I hope I wasn’t disqualified on a technicality for spelling Ana Lucia’s name Anna Lucia.

  63. So now that all is said and done… anyone got a price for how much they went for?

    Congrats to Tyler

  64. If I told you, you probably wouldn’t even believe it.

  65. I know what I paid for one during the presale. Tyler is one of the nicest guys around!

  66. well, what did you pay?

  67. yea if i told you how much i spent on the presale lol..hes mad dedicated to his fans

  68. The price was equivalent to the original price of the poster plus $20 (which was pretty close to the price that international buyers had to pay at the Damon & Carlton website anyway).

    As I always say, Tyler is a stand-up guy.

  69. Actually, his was more expensive originally, he sold his copies for the exact same amount as DCAAPB.

  70. i don’t believe it…

    well I do, but I’m just depressed. PLEASE people, don’t sell these!

  71. Scored a Monster Squad print; stoked!

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