“Let Fury Have The Hour” Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey has another new print coming out, this time for Antonino D’Ambrosio’s forthcoming documentary about The Clash.  “Let Fury Have The Hour” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $50.  It goes up tomorrow (Thursday, January 7th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

21 Responses to ““Let Fury Have The Hour” Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Fairey lost it…

  2. He is a huge clash fan but an easy swerve for me.

  3. not as much of a fan of the Clash as Shep. :(

  4. love the band. but hate the print.

  5. I think I will just wait for the offset, 8×10 or the 24×36 version.

  6. I love The Clash. Print does not do anything for me though.

  7. This print is a suck

  8. same here, love the band. print is ‘ok’

    shepard/obey/assistant at obey who does the all the illustrator work should cut down the print run to 75-100 splatter a little paint on each 1and sell each one as ‘UNIQUE’!!!!—-I’m being a sarcastic prick….but nevertheless,
    eh….it will sell out quick.

    happy 20…10 or is it happy 2000…10

  9. The graphics remind me of a 1950’s rock and roll poster not the down trodden West London Thacher era.

    Billy Furry instead off Let Fury

  10. @ Lew

    How can u not love the clash? they helped pave the way for the Punk Era, and started to question politics and government policy in their music. They influenced tons of political bands like Rage, and System of a Down, and many many that are non-political like Green Day, etc. I LOVE the CLASH, but this print is DOG CRAP!! Shep is really failing us these days. He has nowhere to go with his style, and the more he tries to do something new like this, the more i dont wanna buy any more OBEY prints.. Just my opinion

  11. this thing is awful!

    Honestly I could have made a better poster for The Clash while taking a dump this morning than this thing. If this was not a shepard fairey print it would not sell one copy. This is just pathetic!

    Between this, the jessica print and the whale wars guy print…..shep has definetly lost it!!!

  12. This sucks, the Watson sucks big, and the Jasper Johns prints sucked the worst, but I thought the Jessica print was pretty good.

  13. LOL….how did I forget the Jasper johns print….

    that thing is absolute garbage….


  15. They are for sale as of 2PM EST…I like it..



    Remember when Stephen King was hit by a car walking his dog…. Well, as a huge King fan, I can tell you his writing has never been the same.

    Something happened…. and, I would throw the word “Sell out”, out there, but.. I just do not know.

    Each print seems to get worse. Its like he puts less and less effort into his work anymore.

    Personally, I think money has changed this man. Gone are the days when his made his art for a purpose. Back then, he made art that pleased himself, and he would in turn need to put time into it, because basically, he was his toughest critic, if you will.

    Now? the quickest path of least resistance to his pocket book, is what we see…

    The Levi Strauss arrangement made me sick.. But, what we get from him now, just makes me sad.


    Anyone else agree???

  18. well done BEEFLOAF

    UPDATE, 1/6/10!!!

    The Ady Gil, a Sea Shepherd power boat, was struck on Wednesday by a Japanese Whaler ship in the waters of the Antarctic. The Ady Gil was completely destroyed and sunk but the crew managed to only sustain minor injuries. The battle between Whale Hunters and Sea Conservators is heating up.

    jap whalers’ – disgusting

  19. Meh, looks like one of the better Fairey prints of late. Which is a shame. But I kind of like it.

  20. @ DMSrabbit

    I’m not talking about a Clash song,
    written 100 years before I was born.
    100 flowers bloom, 100 schools of thought contend,
    c’mon baby, let’s hang around,
    they’re talking about the round and round,
    but who’s got the real anti-parent culture sound?

  21. My photograph is used without permission and without credit . thisis not a Shepard Fairy poster its a Syd Shelton poster with some heavy typography plasted on top of it.

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