“Analog Hair” Art Print on Vinyl by Jamie Reed

Jamie Reed has been experimenting, and it looks like the results are very favorable.  “Analog Hair” is a screenprint on a 12″ record, each made unique by the underlying label color.  They were produced in an edition of 30, and are only $30 each.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

20 Responses to ““Analog Hair” Art Print on Vinyl by Jamie Reed”

  1. Smart.

  2. Beautiful! Love how the light off the LP adds to the sheen of the hair, sparkle of the earring. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

  3. this is amazing

  4. check out this Hendrix vinyl I made a year or so ago


  5. That Hendrix vinyl is pretty cool – how’d you cut that – laser?

  6. Hopefully the first in a series incorporating different musical artists. I’d love to see Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, and Buck 65, because they rule 😉

    That Hendrix is dope skoola! I have seen a number of artists paint and print onto vinyl, but never actually shape and cut it – very cool.

  7. Just when I was done buying stuff. Score!

  8. US only…damn…

  9. These are very nice. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    Also, nice work and plug, Skoola.

  10. These are genius.

  11. Very cool. I was waiting to see someone try screenprinting onto vinyl. Aligning the hair with the grooves is brilliant.


  12. Just pulled down the Gigposters listing – I’m sold out. Thanks for the comments!

    Happy Holidays

  13. sweeeet!

  14. thanks for the comments, sorry for the hijack

    the Hendrix is indeed laser cut

  15. Pretty cool stuff. I think somebody else did a gigposter or art print that featured this sort of thing…face with the surrounding vinyl as hair. Can’t remember who or what it was for though.

  16. I did an art print a few months back (on paper) – was posted on gigposters – this is just the reverse I guess… printing all the light colors and letting the record be the black.

  17. Ah, well that makes sense. Nice job on this, Jamie!

  18. Can we buy that Hendrix piece anywhere?

  19. Very happy that I got one of these.

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