“Blotter Color” Screenprint/Watercolor Hybrid by Jon Smith

Jon Smith just put out an extremely experimental art print, and we reward experimentation here, right?  “Blotter Color” is a 9.75″ x 13″ screenprint (read ahead for more info), has an edition of 30, and is $35.  Throughout the printing process, Jon introduced water and a color change, then added brush strokes, dabs, and splatters […]

The Nakatomi Scratch/Dent/Test Sales

This is always a slow week for poster news, but the Nakatomi crew are doing their best to heat it up.  For a mere $40, you can get five random posters packed into a tube.  Some will be perfectly mint, some will be lightly dinged or misprinted, and you will receive a one-of-a-kind test print.  […]

“Polygon 30” Art Print by Snowblinded

Anthony Cozzi’s (aka Snowblinded) new print should really make a lot of people around here happy.  First of all, it’s an 18″ x 18″ screenprint with a tiny edition of 30 (he is known primarily for giclees, so this is a nice change of pace).  Secondly, it only costs $30 (many of Cozzi’s prints are […]

The Doe Eyed Design Poster Sale

To celebrate the new year, plus a new website, Eric from Doe Eyed Design has decided to hold a poster sale from now till the end of January.  Just buy two posters (which are already ridiculously cheap), then you’ll get a third one of your choice for free!  This is a great way to dive […]

Two New Art Prints from The Poster Cause Project

The Poster Cause Project has two new prints out, both of which were created to help charities.  Willow’s “POP!” is an 11″ x 17″ digital print, has an edition of 25, and is $25.  Abe Lincoln Jr.’s “Five Print Set” includes five 11″ x 17″ prints, has an edition of 10, and is $100.  Visit […]

LOST Art Show Coverage from G4

There are a lot of photos and videos circulating from the recent Lost art show at Gallery 1988, but this feature from G4 is the best I’ve seen.  They cover a number of the pieces, talk to artists like Daniel Danger and Kevin Tong, and chat with Jensen Karp and the producers of Lost about […]

“Mixing Art With Commerce” from Entrepreneur Magazine

This month’s issue of Entrepreneur features two short articles about the concert poster scene.  They interviewed Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Steve Walters, Todd Slater, Clay from GP, Rob Jones, and even me!  You can read them in their entirety at Enterpreneur.com.

Tyler Stout’s “The Warriors” Posters (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout will release the signed copies of his Warriors posters later today.  He will have some of the regular cut edition, the uncut edition, and the variant edition available.  They will go up today (Tuesday, December 22nd) at a random time.  Either keep your eyes on his website, or sign up for his mailing […]

“Horizon” Art Print by Angryblue

Angryblue has a great new art print up with a tiny edition.  “Horizon” is an 11.5″ x 23.5″ screenprint that comes in two different colorways:  Red (edition of 40) and blue (edition of 20).  They are $20 each.  Visit Angryblue.com.

Slow Week…

In order to actually enjoy the holidays a bit, here is what I have decided:  Since it will be a slow news week anyway, I am going to limit my posts this week.  If some drastic release happens that will sell out fast, I WILL find my way to the computer to post it.  Otherwise, […]

Two New Art Prints by Handiedan (Onsale Info)

Phone Booth Gallery, Huntington Beach’s Blaq Ink Gallery, and Sullen Clothing will collaboratively present “Translucent Skin”, a new exhibition of work by Handiedan tonight.  As part of the show, two new art prints will be available.  “I Love Snow White #3” and “Toilet / Jane Stone #2″ are both approximately 16.5″ x 23” giclees, have […]

Win a Band-Signed Copy of Jamie Reed’s Andrew Bird Poster!

Since you guys responded so well to Jamie Reed’s vinyl print yesterday, he has decided to give a little something back.  He is offering up one copy of his Andrew Bird poster (12.5″ x 19″ screenprint, edition of 100) signed by Bird and his entire touring band!  To enter, all you have to do is […]

“Audrey” Art Print by Lori Earley

Here’s a beautiful new art print from Lori Earley, part of a new series of more affordable prints.  “Audrey” is an 8″ x 12″ giclee, has an edition of 120, and is $75.  If you’ve been eyeballing her stuff, now is the time to make your first purchase.  Visit LoriEarley.com. Via Creep Machine.

Alex Pardee Made a Film and a New “Escaped Conviction” Colorway!

Alex Pardee just sent over a link to the awesome short film that he made with his collaborator/director Stephen Reedy.  It’s totally pro, they even used a 1000 fps camera for some parts.  Also, be sure to check out the blog post about the film, as it explains a series of contests for A/P copies […]

“Paul Watson” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Obey Giant has posted the “Paul Watson” art print by Shepard Fairey.  If you’re sitting there asking who the hell Paul Watson is, well, he’s the founder of the ocean wildlife-defending organization the Sea Shepherds, and star of the reality tv show “Whale Wars”.  The print is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, available in two […]