Mondo At Gallery 1988 Tonight (Sneak Peeks)

If you’re in the LA area, here is your last reminder to make it out to Gallery 1988 tonight for “Badass Cinema”, a special one-night event featuring live art, exclusive products, and archival goods from the folks at Mondo / The Alamo Drafthouse.  Below is the flyer from the show, plus some peeks at the products that will be offered.  Most of this stuff will not make it online, and they won’t be taking phone orders, so be sure to make it out to the show.  For more info about the gallery, visit

EDIT:  Due to the insane demand for this show (Gallery 1988’s phone has been ringing off the hook), they just sent out a message saying people can start lining up at 5pm.  Crazy.

Handpainted Medusa Prints by Skinner (each totally unique):

Kevin Tong’s Alamo-Inspired Art Print (this is the main edition, there will also be some copies without the image on the screen, and Kevin will be drawing in movie scenes):

Ken Taylor’s Alternate Alien Poster:

Rhys Cooper’s Glow in the Dark Gremlins Poster:

14 Responses to “Mondo At Gallery 1988 Tonight (Sneak Peeks)”

  1. Ken Taylor’s Alternate Alien Poster is bad-ass!!! I really like it. How do I get my hands on one?

  2. These are all great, but that Gremlins poster is incredible. Ranks right up there with some of my favorite Alamo posters.

  3. oh wow, Ken’s second Alien kicks ass. Wish I could grab one

  4. Got to own the aliens. Ken Taylor is unstoppable.

  5. Im so pumped to go tonight! Im gonna be picking up a few of these:)!!!

  6. Hey Bandit…if you’re feeling gracious…can you hook up a fellow avid print collector and fan with one of the Alien ones? That’d be superb. Get at me.

  7. The Gremlins poster is top notch, I desperately need one of those! Great job on all these.

  8. The ALIEN print is so damned perfect!

  9. Please, please, pleease save a few copies of the Alien print for those of us who are not so fortunate to be on that side of the continent.

  10. So awesome to have something great in LA. I always feel like with the flatstocks being everywhere else that we’re always assed out. Thanks 1988 for throwing us bone. It was awesome tonight. Tong kicked major ass for my drawing.

  11. Anyone pick up an extra Gremlins poster?

  12. Hot damn that Alien print is proper!!!
    I gotta find a way to get a hold of it. Anyone snag an extra?

  13. I actually think LA has everything. There are a lot of great poster designers / illustrators there and galleries. It’s just easier to get what you want.

  14. I’ve got one of the custom Kevin Tong prints coming my way. I haven’t seen it yet, but I bet it’ll be great.

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