“Torso” Art Print by Scott Parsons

Wow, this is a crazy new art print by Scott Parsons.  “Torso” is a 23″ x 31″ SIXTEEN color screenprint, has an edition of 25, and is only $65.  To purchase, visit the Parsons Store.

6 Responses to ““Torso” Art Print by Scott Parsons”

  1. really like this but seems his site is down

  2. Are you sure? It works for me.

  3. just get page load error, every other site works may have try other browser

  4. weird wont work with firefox or internet expolorer

  5. Is it working for anyone else? i’ve tried everything, could someone give me his contact info from the site if they can get it so i can send an email

  6. 11:35pm EST and the site works for me, it also worked earlier today, on Firefox with both Windows and Mac.

    If you’re ever in doubt about a site being up or your firewall / connection, use http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ to double check.

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