Ferg’s Jack S2 ‘Midnight Jack’ Figure from Jamungo (Onsale Info)

What a series this whole Squadt thing has turned out to be, really amazing stuff.  The newest one, “Jack S2 ‘Midnight Jack'” is 6″ tall, comes with clothing and weapons, has an edition of 200 (50 of which will be chase versions that have GID eyes), and will be $75 shipped worldwide.  These go up tonight (Monday, September 14th) at 11:59pm CDT.  Visit ProjectSquadt.com.

5 Responses to “Ferg’s Jack S2 ‘Midnight Jack’ Figure from Jamungo (Onsale Info)”

  1. checked the site at 4 minutes after & f#$*ing gone already. PISSED

  2. huh? they haven’t gone on sale yet.

  3. They sure have. They’re gone.

  4. these little buggers kick ass!!!!

    i cant wait to see the halloween one!

  5. Hey all i have one of these unopened id like to trade for a different figure in this line if anyone is interested,
    azzermanshivers@hotmail.com the all black version

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