“The Sea Also Rises” Art Print by Tim Doyle and Kevin Tong

Nakatomi has finally unleashed the new collaborative art print by Tim Doyle and Kevin Tong.  “The Sea Also Rises” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 140, and is $30.  There is also a line art variant with an edition of 30 for $50.  In case you’re wondering, Doyle did the drawing and Tong handled the colors.  Visit NakatomiInc.com.

Click the first image for a GIANT view:

10 Responses to ““The Sea Also Rises” Art Print by Tim Doyle and Kevin Tong”

  1. i was waiting for this print to be released – great collaboration!

  2. wowzers!

  3. I like this. I’m weighing fiscal conservatism with having a bad ass squid print.

  4. go with the bad ass squid print – cephalopods rule

  5. Bad ass squids will fight the bad economy…with their tentacles full of cash. Truth. I proved it in a lab.

  6. this is pretty darn impressive, shades of geoff darrow even, congrats guys.

  7. Thank you sir! I actually started out intentionally w/ a Frank Quietly, but once the detail started pouring on, I couldn’t help but pushing it to Darrow-town.

  8. Simply gorgeous. I agree with the Geoff Darrow. I flip through Hard Boiled off and on and this just screams Darrow. Which, to my ears, also screams “Look at me, I’m completely Badass!” Keep up the amazing work, My copy can’t get here fast enough.

  9. I bought it…..and I got my mystery tube. I was lucky and got the tyler stout wood print. pretty awesome. thanks guys.

  10. made a post about this. hope you dont mind 😉


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