Exclusive Peek at Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man Poster

Check out these insane process shots of Aaron Horkey’s print for the upcoming Dead Man screening at Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse.  Seriously, this thing is going to kill in person.  It will be an extremely high-quality giclee with letterpress accents around the main image area.  The show is in just over a week (if you can make it, come out!), and the release will be around that time, so I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, enjoy!!

42 Responses to “Exclusive Peek at Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man Poster”

  1. jeeeeeeeeeeeeezuz!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh man. this rules bad!

  3. I have been pretty underwhelmed with Horkey’s stuff lately. I mean seriously, he’s either colorblind or just likes working in boring muted tones with no contrast color for some reason. BUT HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES NOW…. this one looks insane. Now *this* is something that has serious bite to it. I just wet myself.

  4. I must have this!

  5. I just crapped my pants.

  6. Wow, its been a long time since I read the word “giclee” and then said “I gotta own that” in the same breathe.

  7. This looks absolutely insane! The letterpress accents are going to add a whole other dimension to the imagery and the colors are totally rad! I love the way the paper looks like stone. The line art is even more insanely awesome. Look at all the detailing around the central image in the line art. I do believe that I too have soiled my trousers

  8. Ok, I give up

  9. First Horkey I have just HAD to have in a while. I love the new A. Bird, but didn’t want to spend the cash on it. This, however, is something new and interesting that we haven’t seen before. Any guesses on the price point or size? I suppose we will see in a week or so.

    Also, what intrigued me abou tthis wasw the addtion of the letterpress… maybe we are finally going to see the Horkey Letterpress series.

  10. I will never be able to quit you, Alamo Drafthouse movie poster print makers!

  11. What in the balls!? That’s nuts, Dead Man is a nice fit for Hork dog.

  12. I was sworn to secrecy a few months ago, that he was doing a poster for Dead Man…one ofmy all-time favorite movies, too…been dying to see what he came up with and it looks like he destroyed it. Damn.

  13. this. is. what. i. live. for.

    this is why i check OMG every day.

    this is the reason.


    yes. yes. yes.

  14. Lovely.

  15. And it has a feminine quality to it that I love.

  16. I bet this will be pricey. But it’s beautiful.

  17. Favorite movie! One of my favorite artists! a must have.

  18. jaw dropping

  19. Holeeeeeeeee shit.

  20. the detail is insane…beautiful

  21. i’ll smoke this poster. trus meh

  22. this is sick, looking forward to this release Mitch!!!!
    Horkey is amazing…very very nice!!!

  23. this might be the most beautiful thing i have seen in my life.

  24. This is obviously amazing but I would prefer the top image as a screen print. I’m a big Horkey fan but the final version seems a little overdone and nerdy/Photoshop looking to me. But, I’ll probably succumb on drop day.

  25. iratasan, i believe you are correct my friend.


  26. this is going to be absurd. i can’t wait!

  27. Little known fact, Horkey broke his good hand and was blinded in one eye while he did this one using only a library pencil and binder paper.

  28. I’m sitting here at work 4:45pm Friday. Tick tick tick. Whatever. I’m staring at these three pics again and it just occurred to me… Guys, look at the left side of pic #1. That small fleshed out sketch on the left. Do you mean to tell me that all those little swirly bits Horkey drew around the image will be blind letterpressed onto that grey stone texture? Whatever stash Horkey’s smoking… I want some of THAT. Come Friday of next week… I’m gonna be hitting the “Refresh” button 7,432 times until I see this print for sale. Happy hunting guys.

  29. haiku time

    And again Horkey
    totally slays the artwork
    Oh. My. God. Posters!.

  30. you know something is epic when just the preview thumbnails online make your mind go blank for a minute. horkey is supernatural.

  31. yep. what they said.

  32. Wow, that color image at the end is insane. It’s like Horkey learned how to use a computer or something!

  33. That’s a painting.

  34. yeah, Horkey is one of the most detailed painters I have ever seen. His prints cant touch his paintings imo, google his show at blkmrkt a couple years ago, they said he often used a brush with one hair on it. Pretty amped on a giclee release…

  35. kyle, high five my friend.


  37. Fuck.
    Cheesus I want one of these.

  38. BEEFLOAF, unless you are flat broke and living in a van down by the river, you should buy this print. If you are in fact flat broke and living in a van down by the river, I am very sorry to hear it. How could you possibly be to busy to buy this print? I’d have to be moving, having a baby, organizing a surprise party and President of The United States all at the same time to be too busy to miss this sale. C’mon dude; get your priorities straight!

  39. Haha I think Beefloaf is saying that the print is too busy…which would mean that his head is firmly lodged in his ass.

  40. Man I want that SKETCH! (of course the painting looks amazing as well)

  41. jizzed in my pants.

  42. As usual…. Mitch takin’ care of the Horkey fanatics with this killa sneak peek!

    Another must have fo me.

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