Mike Budai’s Custom Pinball Machine

For the past month or so, this amazing custom pinball machine by Mike Budai was on exhibit at the Warhol museum, part of the Funland exhibition.  They are no longer at the Warhol, but this show will be traveling to many galleries around the country in the near future.  To find out where they are going next, and to get info about purchasing backglass, check out TiltWarning.com.

12 Responses to “Mike Budai’s Custom Pinball Machine”

  1. Ha ha…it comes w/ it’s own ‘Flippers’. Ah…puns.

  2. “Bummer”!

  3. Beautiful.

  4. OMG the most beautiful thing I have seen on this site !
    I adore this – This ranks up there with Janis Joplins 356 Porsche !

    Stunning !

  5. wow… lovely

  6. Oh man that is so freaking AWESOME!!!

  7. wow wow WOW.

  8. this is freaking sweet!!

  9. Budai’s on some next shit right here. So good.

  10. Great style;
    the way I see it the artist forgot to design half the piece, though…
    Would have been a lot sweeter if it weren’t as symmetrical!

  11. super beautiful……must be fun to play!

  12. this is currently at Morning Glory Coffeehouse (1806 Chislett St in Pittsburgh) and can be played anytime.

    there is an open tournament on the machine on Jan 15th !

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