“Locke’s Secret” Art Print by Olly Moss

The second print in the viral Lost series has just been released, and this one will probably go pretty fast.  “Locke’s Secret” by Olly Moss is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300 (about 200 available to the public), and is $50.  Visit ThatAndBasketWeaving.com.

12 Responses to ““Locke’s Secret” Art Print by Olly Moss”

  1. I love these, but I don’t want to start with these because I’ll want all of them.

  2. Man, this Lost Project keeps getting cooler. I wonder who else is doing it. Nice work Olly.

  3. This poster is pretty cool. I see a lot of Saul Bass influence. MUCH BETTER than that awful Hurley Print #1.

  4. Yes, I WONDER who else is on this project…hmmm….

  5. Oh yeah, and 3d- OUCH, man…ouch.

  6. @ Tim Doyle “Oh yeah, and 3d- OUCH, man…ouch.”

    **awkward moment**

    3d tries to break tension with a lame backtrack. “Uhh, i dig what you were trying to go for with Hurley’s shirt showing flashes of memories and future events. And LOST is filmed on Oahu so that Hawaiian print shirt is a nice homage. Heh.”

  7. 3d…you are now on the list as well.

    The Christmas Card list.

  8. lol @ 3d and Tim Doyle

    Well it looks like they are all sold out already, glad I picked one up this morning. 60 (with shipping) is pretty darn high, but I couldnt resist, Ive got a soft spot for Locke. If a Ben Poster comes out, I am done for.

    Now I wait for the inevitable Tyler Stout poster which will sell out in 4.5 minutes……

  9. how can i find out about when new Lost prints are going to be released? This site obviously, but is there a better resource?

  10. They aren’t publicizing the release schedule, you have to check out damoncarltonandapolarbear.com and watch for the clues, and the releases.

    I was going to wait to see which other posters were going to come out before deciding on which to buy, but I just had to get this one! I’m glad I did, it sold out not long after I ordered it.

  11. Haha @Tim Doyle – ignore 3d! I bought the Hurley poster not long ago. I think it looks great. Looking forward to seeing how the glow in the dark elements work out when it arrives!
    Does anyone know what time of day these posters are usually released? I am in the UK and it seems that when I check in the next day, the new posters are sold out already…

  12. Man, I’m so peeved I didn’t get this one.

    It’s by far my favorite.

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