The Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale

To make room for some new stuff, Nakatomi Inc. is selling a few mystery tubes.  For a mere $50, you’ll receive four prints and a t-shirt in your size.  These prints could even include such sold out gems as the Change Into A Truck A/P, Tyler Stout prints on wood, Daniel Danger letterpress prints, etc.  All in all, it’s over $180 worth of stuff for $50.  Visit

18 Responses to “The Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale”

  1. If there was a shot at the Paul Pope print, I would do this in a heartbeat.

  2. I got mine last night, looking forward to seeing the treats in it…

  3. i cant believe these havent sold out yet. I have been waiting for the chance to order from thses guys. I have seen Tims posters and was up in the air about them. Now i get a chance to get a great deal on 4 posters and a t-shirt!!!

    Thanks Nakatomi!!!!!

  4. How will they get a print on wood in a tube?

  5. chip it or shred it.

  6. And now a word from our sponsor!

  7. Sold out…Thanks, Guys!

  8. hope i get lucky. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for the videotape shirt and there is a ton of prints from them i’d like (change into a truck, the nes prints, daniel danger, tyler stout wood print)

  9. rad graphic

  10. The video shirt is awesome. I bought one for my bf earlier this year and he wears it all the time.

  11. I got the mystery tube today. I received the Danger t-shirt, jermaine rabbit print, slater toucan sam print, brood print and another one that i didnt recognize.

    plus a free pair of kayne style sunglasses!

    thanks nakatomi!!!!

  12. got my tube today…gonna open tomorrow:)

  13. damm! No stout, no danger, no truck….:(

    Im cool with what (they are all really cool) I got but was really really hoping for one of those ones. But some of these are really really sweet and I love the shirt:)

    I got jermaine rabbit, brood blue 3d edition, ‘koopa tear down this wall’, and one other….I need help:

    it is a crazy looking monster with two red ‘Xs” over each eye. It is printed on pink paper and is a signed edition of 50. I have no clue of the artist or poster name….if anyone can help me out id appreciate it. thanks!

  14. @ Patrick

    That’d be “Dead Wookies” by Kevin Muñoz.

  15. I’m still waiting…but i can’t wait to see what i get…

  16. Got my tube today. None of the real big winners here, but still very satisfied with what they sent. My T shirt was the Stout and my prints were Munoz, Brood 3-d, Mark Todd Fantastic 4, and Jermaine rabbit (Glow-in-the-dark). Now I wish i bought two tubes; i had no idea they would be this good.

  17. thanks dwlfennel!!!

    wish I would have got two of these as well….I was really really hoping for the GID Truck….oh well.

    thanks Nakatomi!!!

  18. Glad you guys like ’em…I don’t mess around w/ my tubes! I want to see all of you wearing your Kanye Glasses now. It will make everything you see 50% less horrible.

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