New Art Prints by Dave Kinsey (Onsale Info)

Looks like Dave Kinsey will launch three new art prints today.  “Recycle I”, “Recycle II”, and “Recycle II” are all 9″ x 12″ screenprints with editions of 130-150.  I am loving the simplistic, bold colors.  They go up today (Friday, August 21st) at a random time.  Visit

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  1. These look awful.

    What happened to the days of cool Kinsey prints? When they were prints for the sake of prints, not damn-near-giclee-reproductions of his paintings, and actually had some quality and substance about them?

  2. I think i just threw up in my mouth

  3. I like them, and may pickup the whole set depending on price point.

  4. I was the BIGGEST kinsey fan. loved everything i saw from him until about 08to present. with some exceptions, hes rad. but i really dont know how i feel about some of the stuff hes dropping lately.

    going to think thrice about these ones, im afraid…….

  5. I like. Depends on the price.

  6. These have elements of the older Kinsey style with the profiles of the dudes but there seems to be too much lacking in the background. Depending on price I might pick up one or three

  7. I like these – I like the bold block and nice break from orange.

  8. @saltwater, you are an idiot. All of Kinsey’s prints are screen prints. Also, these are prints for the sake of being prints. This isn’t based on a fine art piece. I’m not sure if you are being serious.

  9. I was only able to buy 2 and 3…. number 1 sold out… FUCK!!!

    Let me know if anyone has an extra one.

  10. I could have gotten 2 and 3 but didnt want only 2 so i left them.

  11. Taso,

    I wasnt speaking specifically about this series. After handling some of his recent prints, my dislike for them was solidified. They have such fine halftones and meticulous registration, they lose the essence of being screen printed. There is something to be said for technical skill (I.e. – anything that Burlesque touches), but these feel cold and mechanical-hence the reference/similarity to a giclee. I am well and aware of the fact that all but one (“Unintended Consequence”) of kinsey’s prints are silkscreened.
    I find it disappointing when an artist who has been known to release high quality original screen printed images (like Kinsey’s work from a few years ago – like “introduction”, “Climbing trap”, “Saboteur”, “Not a Gun,” “pollute” and many others) does nothing but meticulous replicas of painted works.
    True, these are “prints for the sake of prints,” but that does not make them good images. They are almost as disappointing as the “emancipate” blend pull/ fountain edition.

    So, yes I am serious, and no I am not an idiot.

    And Moog,
    I agree, It’s great to see some his work free of the “Home Depot Orange” color scheme.

  12. Went to lunch and I is sold out, not buying II and III for the same reason as others, no set, no sale.

  13. The silkscreen reproductions of his paintings are amazing. Most of those paintings are among his best works. Never really cared for the older stuff.

  14. I like. Good to see him return to his roots every once in a while. Kinda wish they were bigger, but they were priced right for the size and edition.

    @ saltwater: That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone complain about how flawlessly something was printed. “Wait, the registration is damn near perfect? You can’t tell it’s a serigraph unless you’re right up on it? This is bullshit. I want my money back.”


  15. I feel like this is a watered down/simplified version of his early characters…not feeling them but Kinsey is still a solid painter in my book.

  16. @saltwater, sorry, I know your intelligent but his screen prints are exceptional in my book for the same reasons you like screen prints. The overlapping of inks gives the prints depth, texture and other color variations that make them appear to be an original in some cases.

  17. @Daddy Wellfare

    was the set already sold out when you bought them? i just grabbed the set instead of buying each individually.

  18. Coloring book inspired. The economy’s rough out there he’s saving on the color ink 😉

  19. right. the cost of ink has really sky rocked in recent months.

  20. “Home Depot Orange”


  21. Thanks for your interest in the Dave Kinsey/PangeaSeed collaboration. We have a few of the prints available through the PangeaSeed online shop on our website.

    These are on a first come basis and will be shipped from Japan. Don’t miss this chance to own such a special print. Your purchase will go to help save sharks and raise the awareness levels of shark conservation. Save our sharks, save our seas, save ourselves!



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