Tyler Stout’s Inglourious Basterds Poster (Plus Print Mafia and The Silent Giants!)

The Alamo Drafthouse just dropped another awe-inspiring set of posters.  Tyler Stout, Print Mafia, and The Silent Giants, what a lineup.  If I do say so myself, this is the best Stout movie poster since Blade Runner.  All the info is below, visit Mondotees.com.

Inglourious Basterds by Tyler Stout

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 450, $35:

Inglourious Basterds by Tyler Stout (Variant)

24″ x 36″ Screenprint, Edition of 80, $80:

Inglourious Basterds by Print Mafia

17.5″ x 23″ Screenprint, Show Edition of 65, $20:

The Dirty Dozen by The Silent Giants

18″ x 24″ Screenprint, Edition of 90, $25:

43 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s Inglourious Basterds Poster (Plus Print Mafia and The Silent Giants!)”

  1. All the posters are great.

    Definitely one of my favorite Stout Alamo posters, but it’s hard to compare because his work becomes consistently better. His work is always excellent, but each is better than the last.

    Definitely looking forward to “Inglourious Basterds.”

  2. couldnt resist, grabbed a stout variant. love his work

  3. I grabbed up one of the regular editions, It will go well next to my lebowski print

  4. wow the stout print is sold out already. bummer.

  5. Sold out. Gahhhhhh.

  6. very nice poster, the only thing im not a fan of is the title lettering

  7. 450 and already sold out! Sad face.

  8. Tyler will have some of them on his site soon. Just be another battle for one of these

  9. very stoked that I managed to snag one of the regular editions!

  10. thats sold out super fast WTF?

  11. I hate eBean flippers so much, 6 in collections 5 for sale or trade, r u serious and 6 on ebay

  12. What do you expect from EB aka land of the dooshbags?!?

  13. *pushes glasses up bridge of nose*

    A douchebag is a hygienic product, so I’ll take that as a compliment.

  14. Lee fucking Marvin, bitches. Recognize!

  15. eBeans isn’t the only place that has flippers, wake up.

  16. Will these be sold through Tylers site as well!?

  17. so nobody on thegiant.org flips??
    Go Expressobeans!! :-)

  18. i would love to buy these. how do i miss them – like all gone in few hours! i get no worm!

  19. @dwlfennel nice reference to wet hot american summer.

  20. But eBeans just might be the only place with dooshbags.

  21. @toobs

    I’d hate ebeans too if they exposed me as a scam artist. How’s that job hunt going?

  22. @ bananafana feux wow really? go fcuk your dead grandpa, you guys are a pack of dickless hyenas

  23. I could’ve bought one but haven’t seen the film so couldn’t justify it. It pains me to think people buy to sell – I thought these would be around for a little bit. What’s the deal?

  24. i have a feeling this movie will be a cult classic regardless if it’s bad or good.

  25. Got two in the mail today of ours signed by QT. Score.

  26. what time did these actually drop on mondotees?

    I’m from Australia and I got one of the Total Recal prints in the am here when they dropped. do mondotees have a specific time they put these up? or is it random?

    Also, any idea how many tyler stout sells?

  27. Toobs got major faced.

  28. I cut them shits, a pretty spot on 24″x36″ as I recall…

  29. My eye always gravitates toward Mike Meyers on this print, I think because it’s red flag for the movie. He could be brillaint or he could totally kill the movie…I mean really, has Mike Meyers been in anything good in the last 5-10 years?

  30. Shrek

  31. That would be Mike Myers.

  32. Had John Travolta ever been in anything good before Tarantino cast him in Pulp Fiction??

    I bet that half of the folks who hold the opinion that EBers are douche bags have either flipped, bought to flip, or will be doing so within the next six months. Ya can’t blame a brother for tryin to make a buck, especially in today’s economy. Even when you buy a piece of art that you like, it is often still considered an investment. Getting beat to the punch is something that you just have to learn to accept in the world of poster and print buying. My advice to anyone feeling cheated is to get onto as many mailing lists as you can for artists that you like. I often receive notice of sales from artists mailing lists before they pop up on OMG. It also helps to set OMG as your homepage and check it periodically throughout the day.

  33. investment in ephemera is a bad business model

  34. Those Stout pieces are great, as usual, but at the same time, I never feel compelled to own them. The only Stout work i have ever considered are his non-movie related art prints.

    That being said, that PM piece is the tits.


  35. John Tavoltas best movie before Pulp Fiction? Look Who’s Talking. Seriously.

    Damn, I had to look up ephemera.

    I should have known better than to collect baseball cards.

  36. I managed to get one and am thoroughly excited, the wait for it to get delivered is killing me though.

  37. Saturday Night Fever, motherfuckers.

    Know yr culture.

  38. Urban Cowboy

  39. Brian DePalma’s Blow Out was clearly Travolta’s best movie before Pulp Fiction.

  40. Damn. this has been one of the few Stout’s I haven’t been able to pick up from Mondo. Got a wait this Tyler puts his up. UGH

  41. Of course Tarantino is well known for reviving careers or just plain making people household names out of nowhere(Uma Thurman, Sam Jackson) so of course there’s a chance Meyers is great and he can turn his ship around with this performance but it is kind of a gamble, there’s a stronger chance he detracts from the film.

    As far as I’m concerned he hasn’t done anything good since Axe Murderer or the first Austin Powers. Shrek is for soft headed vegans.

    For all I know he’s only in the movie for 2 minutes and the point is moot. I hope for the best, seeing it tomorrow.

  42. i always wait for when tyler puts them on his site
    as long as you are at a computer right when they go on sale they are easy to get
    they are signed by him (which the mondo versions aren’t) and they are about $5 cheaper

  43. Mike Myers is in this movie for about 2 minutes and didn’t effect it whatsoever. He did kind of sound like a character out of an Austin Powers movie though. Brad Pitt is great in this movie, and very funny. Christoph Waltz steals the show though.

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