“Real Flying Greasebat” Mini Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm

Jeff Lamm is back with another one of his way-too-cool kaiju mini prints , and this one is definitely my favorite yet..  “Real Flying Greasebat” is a 4″ x 4″ gocco and spraypaint print on wood-framed canvas, has a tiny edition of 23, and is only $20 shipped.  Due to the spraypaint, each is totally unique, and they come ready to hang.  These never stay around long, so if you want one, act fast.  Visit the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

4 Responses to ““Real Flying Greasebat” Mini Canvas Print by Jeff Lamm”

  1. So awesome.. I like the fact that it’s the “Real” flying greasebat vs the fake one.. lol..

  2. SOLD OUT, thanks everybody, it is much appreciated. Proceeds going towards a rotocast figure.

  3. God damn in, I missed this one 🙁

    If anyone has one to sell please contact me via e-mail

    adz(at)turbonet.com.au – cheer! 🙂

  4. Also missed it and looking to get one.


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