New Art Prints by Jon Smith

Jon Smith is back from under his rock to release two awesome new prints.  They are both tributes to Rob Jones.  The first is his print for Screens n Spokes.  It’s an 18″ x 18″ screenprint with an edition of 50 (though he only has 25 to sell).  The second is a new art print called “Protocol Zomboid”.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 48.  For a limited time, you can get BOTH prints for only $30.  At that price, I can’t imagine these will be around long.  Visit Jon’s Etsy Shop.

Oh also, for you concert poster nerds, the Sonic Youth poster by 1982 (Jon Smith and Nate Duval) is now available for purchase.  There is both a regular edition for $25 and a silver variant for $32.  Visit the 1982 Shop.

3 Responses to “New Art Prints by Jon Smith”

  1. Bought!
    Hells yeah, Jon. Hells yeah.

  2. These are great. Glad also to see that Mr. Doyle is a fan. Here hoping for an zombie Optimus Prime Rob Jones tribute, please!


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