“Donuts” Art Print by Banksy (Lottery Info)

Hey crazy Banksy fans, Pictures on Walls has a new print available, but they are doing things a little differently this time.  “Donuts” is a 22″ x 30″ screenprint.  It comes in Strawberry or Chocolate, each with an edition of 299.  The price of the prints will be £465 each.  If you’d like to purchase one, you’ll have to enter the lottery (it ends at 12pm tomorrow, London time).  Visit PicturesonWalls.com.

51 Responses to ““Donuts” Art Print by Banksy (Lottery Info)”

  1. JSC…if you don’t have the money I will buy it, seriously. Plus an extra 200 for your trouble? And some other posters thrown in for free. e-mail: captainpants03@gmail.com

  2. oops last msg didn’t work?…jsc….i’ll seriously buy it, plus 200. and posters. captainpants03 at gmail

  3. i entered 8 times and didnt win – using different ip addresses and email accounts!
    also once the pic on walls staff & friends & circle of banksy “friends” reserve theirs 299 will become 100!

    noticed on ebay 2 people already selling theirs! – they shouldb’t be allowed them!

  4. jsc…it’s not letting me through…email me at captainpants03 at gmail . com

    hope we can work something out…would love this print.

  5. JSC – I’ll buy that from ya, plus 200 for your trouble? Plus some other prints.

    Let me know!

    captainpants03 at gmail . com

  6. YO A,

    Chill out mah dude… get off the dudes jock.

  7. Hey. I had to borrow money from my friend but i ended up buying it. But i want to keep this print “forever”. I have a lot of the Shep Fairey prints and now this will be part of my street art collection. Thanks everyone and God Bless

  8. ha… in ya face beggars!

    enjoy it JSC…

  9. Eh, enjoy it to anyone that got it. I would have sold it the minute I got it. Who cares if you own a Bansky print? They wont be worth much sooner than later.

  10. Whoop whoop! Just scored it on the “second chance” e-mail today! Glad some people turned it down!!

  11. i missed out on this print and decided to swallow the costs and buy from an ebay seller. 1500 it set me back – im gutted but just love this print. i got it in chocolate, if anyone wants to sell their strawberry drop me an email. However i cant afford another 1500. 1200 max via paypal.

    Hopefully in the years to come this 1500 giant hole in my pocket will have been a sound investment.

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