Next Week On The Site…….

I will be away from the computer most of next week for some personal business, so I’ll be doing things a little differently here.  The individual post count probably won’t be as high as usual (unless I’m around when something really important drops), but I’ll be running a new “Ten Questions” interview every day from Monday to Thursday.  Then on Friday, I’ll post our first (of many, hopefully) piece of writing by Mike Isaac, a respected member of the poster community who happens to be a pretty amazing writer.  He is going to start writing articles about the past, present, and future of the poster scene.  Mike’s articles are the first in a string of some new things to come for OMGPosters.  Hope you guys like it, cheers!

9 Responses to “Next Week On The Site…….”

  1. Cheers for Mike!!!

    I look forward to his articles and somewhat whacked humor.

  2. Good for mike, glad you rescued him from the tenderloin

  3. does mike isaac = the beloved coldsoresuperstar?

    if so, awesome!

    I’ll never wipe your words off my face, mike!

  4. Have a good week Mitch! You’ve earned it!

  5. Mike’s hilarious. Can’t wait to read.

  6. Groovy

  7. I’d say “respected member” is Mitch being generous.

    Thanks all. Excited to post soon.

  8. *cough* banksy *cough* pow

  9. he said when “something really important drops”


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