“Obey Windmill” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey created this image for some green energy initiatives, but he will also release it as an art print sometime today.  “Obey Windmill” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $45.  These will go up today (Tuesday, June 30th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

75 Responses to ““Obey Windmill” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)”

  1. Someone needs to take a little break and maybe put out half the amount of posters. Quantity over Quality….

  2. I actually like this one. The last two… not so much.

  3. well, i love it

  4. why would he make this a art print ? .. i dont get it

  5. Dylan – I agree.
    Why ?

  6. why not….

  7. Why? because 450 prints at $45 each = $20,250

  8. I thought it was going to be the “Pablo” print

    God bless the little guy

  9. God Bless Pablo!!!

    This is Shepard’s best print of 2009. A little smaller edition of 300 would be nice. I assume that this will also be released as a larger sized signed open edition.

    This is technology we have to take advantage of although these seem to cause alot of vibration to homes near them.

    I would love to see more earth conscious prints produced by the Fairey….

  10. yeah ..well obviously for the money and to exploit a saturated market .. its just a bit disappointing, because its just really not a great poster. anyway .. just my opinion

  11. it actually looks nice from afar

  12. Maybe he made it “a art print” for the same reason you can’t write “an art print”.

  13. other Desert Cities…kinda funny how it coincides with the big festival rumored in indio, ca on halloween. i like the poster…i wish i was gonna be around to grab one.

  14. My ultimate dream of Fairey making a poster with some random windmills on it has finally come to fruition! Oh thank sweet baby jeebus!

  15. Looking at it again – I love the clouds – What would have been cool is to have made the clouds into a map of the world – giving the “global massage dude”….
    There again so easy to have a go at someones work and yet not bother to get out of my own armchair and try !

  16. I thought the cloud at the top looked like a map of the world already.

  17. the clouds at the top are just a mirror of the highlighted parts of the main cloud


  19. Up

  20. it is now available for purchase

  21. Darn – I saw it went up and decided to get involved out of pure “everyone else is” and ended up disappointed for a print I never wanted !

  22. Moog don’t have reverse sour grapes, man…life is too short.

  23. Any relation between BEEFLOAF and meatloaf?

  24. for a shep print this looks fantastic.

  25. I cant believe this was the first print i was unable to get from OBEY since the japanese patterns.. GRRRR.. got all the way through paypal, and to submit, and then… AS USUAL,

    SHop is Inaccessible please try again later… f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5…
    “One of the items in your cart is out of stock”


  26. hey guys, first time buying a non-offset from obey and wound up getting through paypal but getting a message at obey’s site saying that the payment processor declined my order. paypal shows that $56 was successfully transferred though. am i ok or did i lose out?

  27. Rick, pretty sure you’re okay. Usually a paypal receipt is sufficient. Not to say you won’t get a refund. I believe they did oversell this one. I usually go into any of these with the mindset that I’ll be getting a refund.

  28. Thanks Tom. I’ll keep an eye out on the inbox for confirmation.

  29. i miss ebeans…

  30. Peter Griffin, on June 30th, 2009 at 12:14 pm Said:
    i miss ebeans…

    I second this…

  31. You won’t get a confirmation email or anything. Just a refund email or a shipping email.. and in some cases, the tube might just show up in a couple of weeks.

  32. Any news why EBeans went down ?

  33. ebeans is never coming back, i don’t think. too much costs to hold it down.

  34. I’ve been considering starting a forum, maybe now would be a good time to do it.

  35. do it

  36. i need my ebeabs fix

  37. Hopefully it will be filled with sponsors too!

  38. Yeah I know Stoney, a blog with advertisers, crazy isn’t it?

    Fuck off.

  39. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Right?

  40. Sounds about right.

  41. Admin – If you could start a forum – That would be great. You have built a good community here and it would expand it.

    I am sure it would be costly but I think worth it in the long run.

  42. I’ll play the devils advocate and say you don’t really need one. I think what you’ve got here is a great. We’ve got plenty of space to leave comments and thoughts. It’s easy to navigate. You link out to lots of great sponsor sites.. Last thing we need is another poster forum. However, if EB was to totally get shut down, then you’d be the obvious person to setup a new forum for collectors. Especially with the massive following you’ve got.

  43. I think I agree with Tom. I’ll see what happens with EB. Once it goes back up, it’s a great site that more than does it’s job. If it doesn’t come back, then this might be a valid discussion.

  44. Sheriously EB is down for the count?

  45. EB is just waiting for the one person capable of getting the site back up to return. Pretty pathetic that there’s 1 dude in “engineering”.

  46. Yeah, well most poster sites are pretty small operations.

    Let’s hope it comes back soon with no data loss.

  47. Stoney’s pretty hard to please.. hard to believe with a name like that.. unless by stoney, you mean ‘hard as rock’. lol

  48. P.S. I got 2 of these!

  49. Stoney, its pretty pathetic that you are complaining about the services of a FREE site.
    Maybe EB should charge a membership fee to pay for more back end engineers. Would that please you?

    EB isn’t gone forever. It will be back soon, hopefully

  50. This looks like a college assignment….. Vector 101….

    Oh well….

  51. One more engineer would likely be sufficient. Glad to help.

  52. Someone here sounds like a total petrified stoney turd. May your prints turn yellow and brittle! I put a hex on your collection! LOL

  53. BTW, looks like a new Kinsey on BLK/MRKT site.. $500 though.. pretty nice.

  54. Can we get back to how lame Shepard Fairey is now?


  56. I wonder if this was printed on recycled paper?

  57. I hear the Server lost some of the data. That will suck if so….

    It is not a library I would want missing info.

  58. awww look, it’s a nice windmill!

  59. I noticed EB down the other day and figured it was just a temporary thing. I can’t believe it’s still down. I hope EB is back up and running soon. It would be truely sad to lose such a great community.
    As for this print; I am a big supporter of nuclear power myself. The power generated from wind can’t be stored and it takes far too many windmills to in order to generate enough energy to power a community sustainably. If you support wind energy then you are also in favor of having nearly every square inch of available land littered with windmills.

  60. Why is EB is such a great community? It’s full of whiners, DBs, polygamists, misogamists, foodies, and fashionistas.

  61. Mostly fashionistas…..

  62. …and a little whining.

    i kinda miss the whining. :(

    those dots are tears. i miss smileys. you need some smileys on here.

  63. oh wow a smiley showed up……cooooool. how do i get one that cries? or poops?

  64. “Brian (im the other Brian) Said:
    I wonder if this was printed on recycled paper?”

    funny, brian.

    yeah, this, unfortunately is a college-level student clip art, in-class assignment. i agree with pig city. fewer releases. more time on each. not to dis shepard, i admire the dude. but this one’s weeeak.

  65. Meatloaf… typical douche comment. For one thing, where the f**k is the dancing pickle? Or the popcorn? Or the swordfight?

    It is what it is AND what you make of it. Don’t like EB? Why not throw up some cool art for all? Or a cool idea? Start a thread on something that gets you off & I guarantee that you will find common ground… That’s the beauty of EB, beyond the collectors tools, swaps, trades, etc. It’s a community of ALL so stop sh**ting on the party and contribute something somewhere beyond the shallow el douche comments above… (wink/dancing pickle/guitar riff icons with a prost and a toast of Guiness at the end emoticon inserted)

    Onto the print… +1. Simple design, me thinks, but I can see this branded as a logo ala a new Government Alternative Energy initiative… That was kinda the feel I was getting from OG site with the “you’ll be seeing this around more and more” comment. Anyone else think something along those lines? I just see some kind of national campaign and this one of the branded images behind it…

  66. Decent print. Probably will have a good re-sale price on the secondary market.

    Is anybody else acknowledging the fact that Shepard is now being represented by Deitch? He’s made it. He’s official like a ref with two whistles. I mean, the secondary market helped make him what he is today, but now that he’s with Deitch, it’s over. Dood’s gonna soar.

    Best of luck to everyone from here on out. His work (originals and editioned) is gonna be even harder to come by in the future.

  67. Tony, I was just going over why EB was great and you blast me? What have I done to deserve this?

  68. Tony is an angry man lashing out to any name he can see on a screen…..
    He misses his mates and feel alone in the lost cyber field of love.
    Hang in there big T – EB will be back up soon.

  69. Oh..here’s where everyones at. : )

  70. Sorry Meatloaf, thought you were truly ripping on EB in one of your earlier posts i.e. fashionistas, etc. Then I took another look, saw the polygamists and figured you having a go…. My apologies…

    Moog… It is kinda funny how you end up missing a daily routine i.e. EB. Man, I spend too much time in the office and EB is a great break… and a great resource for new prints, upcoming releases, etc. so it helps rid me of the dollars I earn on an hourly basis. Talk about a win-win =)

    Again, apologies for being a winy beeeatch…

  71. P.S. EB is BACK UP! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  72. what is EB?

  73. Don’t ask me — it took me weeks to figure out what MILF was.

  74. expect an offset to come soon, $35 for thick paper signed to ed of 500. $20-25 for set of two thin unlimited offsets, not signend. just saw it go up on the site and taken back down. crap


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