KAWS x Hajime Sorayama “No Future Companion”

This is just about the coolest toy I have ever seen, period.  Three years in the making, Kaws has teamed up with Hajime Sorayama to produced this “No Future Companion”.  This is a fully-poseable metal figure.  Word is it will go up sometime on Saturday, June 27th for $980.  Keep your eyes on KawsOne.com.

It’s up!!!!!! GOGOGO!

27 Responses to “KAWS x Hajime Sorayama “No Future Companion””

  1. this is sweet!!!! i wish i had the spare cash just layin around. Sorayama is a great artist!!!

    is there an edition size of this?

  2. Unreal..

  3. Finally something to get me excited about toys again. Artists need to take this genre into another level and Kaws is doing just that.

  4. You know how hard this will be to obtain….geez.

  5. Goddamn!


  6. This is amazing. Have never purchased from the KawsOne site. Is there any usual time new stuff comes up?

  7. how big is it?

  8. Will they include the batteries?

  9. 13″ tall.

    edition of 300???

  10. and it’s cheap! im in!

  11. Holy crap…edition of 500….they’re going to rake in just under a half a million dollars on these!

  12. sold out pretty darn quick. missed out had it in cart and soldout during checkout for me.

  13. This piece is soooo nice, wish I’d have been around when it went up for sale…

    Congrat’s to anyone that got one.

  14. what’s left of Mickey after being defeated and can no longer watch your kids.

  15. This is pretty cool but a big waste of money.

  16. Wow. 500 people had $980 laying around to purchase this toy?!

  17. crap, i was counting on saturday for the release. bummer.

  18. it was saturday in japan when it went up.

  19. Cheers for the duff info…….Saturday…..NOT

  20. That’s what it said on Kaws’ own site. It was Saturday in Japan.

  21. didn’t get one… bought a set of chums though.

  22. chums eh

  23. look at emm all on ebay mates

  24. What the hell.
    15 active auctions on eBay.
    Completed auction prices $1700-$2000.

  25. $3000-$5000 in 3-6 months.

    Right now a 13″ vinyl michelin man can sell between $700-$1500, then this will go for a little more. Its frickin made of metal and many moveable parts!!!

    I am actually surprised the initial ebay sales weren’t higher.

    This IS KAWS, right? Plus given the fact that Sorayama is involved….whoa.

    Congrats to those that have the money and were able to purchase one of these bad boys.

  26. yeah, the movable parts is definitely a good touch. i like some of the kaws companion release, but metal one is particularly special because of the movable parts and the collaboration with Sorayama. how much does the item weight? im guessing at least 30lbs.

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