A Rare Peek Inside D&L Screenprinting

The folks from NOWhere Limited posted a rare glimpse inside Seattle’s D&L Screenprinting, the print shop behind virtually every major poster artist (well, practically).  Also watch for that Mark Mothersbaugh art print, which will be coming soon.  Visit LookIntoMyOwl.com.

5 Responses to “A Rare Peek Inside D&L Screenprinting”

  1. Huh..neat. Wish they’d ID the people in the photos. That’s a hell of a shop…

  2. […] of the blogs I read everyday is our friend Mitch Putnam’s OMG POSTERS. Today I was extra excited to see that he posted up a behind the scenes look at Nowhere Limited […]

  3. I had a poster printed at D&L a few months ago and I was blown away when I stopped by the shop to pick it up. Great work being done there.

  4. can you guess who does most of my printing?

  5. just a few blocks from my house! do yourself a favor and do not attempt to pet the dog! it will bite you for sure.

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