Cycle and Lady Pink at Dirty Pilot

Graf heads, I do occasionally post stuff for you, so here you go.  Dirty Pilot is currently hosting a show with Lady Pink and Cycle.  I can’t say I’m the most knowledgeable graffiti guy ever, but I know Cycle did a really awesome Dunny a few years back.  To check out the show, visit

3 Responses to “Cycle and Lady Pink at Dirty Pilot”

  1. god that looks like garbage.

  2. Each to their own I guess. Cycle’s work is pretty stellar. They’ve got a great bound full color zine available for $15 signed by both artists and limited to 100 copies if anyone is interested. Good deal.

  3. as for lady pink:

    that’s interesting in a graffiti history context, but looks somewhat replaced today. i would have gone nuts to get one of in the late 80s, but today i might watch at those, but never buy em. kinda like finding your old grandmaster flash records. play em once for novelty sakes, but you won’t put em on your ipod.

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