Brian Morris and Mitch O’Connell at Rotofugi

“Secret Handshakes”, the new show by Chicago artists Brian Morris and Mitch O’Connell is now online.  I’ll admit right now that I don’t know much about O’Connell’s work, but there are still a ton of mid-blowing pieces by Brian Morris available.  Check out the show at

As if the show weren’t enough, Rotofugi also has a beautiful new art print by Brian Morris available.  “For the Birds” is a 6″ x 9″ letterpress print (produced by Letter Pressed), has an edition of 50, and is only $25.  Visit

2 Responses to “Brian Morris and Mitch O’Connell at Rotofugi”

  1. MO’C is terrific. Definitely worth looking more into when you get a chance.

    Those pieces from the show look great.

  2. I Agree! M.O’C is the best!
    PS Thanks for the plug!

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