Exclusive: Guy Burwell’s Flight of the Conchords Poster

I love being able to give you guys exclusive peeks like this.  Now that the Flight of the Conchords / Iron and Wine show at Red Rocks has wrapped up, I can show you the amazing poster Guy Burwell did for the show.  There are few (if any) that do it better.  There should be a few available someday, so keep your eyes on GuyBurwell.com.

11 Responses to “Exclusive: Guy Burwell’s Flight of the Conchords Poster”

  1. That is awesome.

  2. This plain kills.

  3. That burwell, he kills it every time

  4. Love it!

  5. @sam:

    so true.

  6. UP

  7. Wow
    Killing it
    Nice 1

  8. Iron & Wine. I’ve never been able to see them in concert. 🙁


  9. I am amazed by every one of his posters but I’ve never been a fan of any of these bands. what a conflict.

    I gotta find a way to put him and QOTSA together.

  10. nice

  11. Fun, these conchords posters have been great. I wonder who is signed up for the Berkeley tour closer….

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