Mogwai Posters by Drew Millward and Ken Taylor (Onsale Info)

Two of the most highly anticipated posters from the current Mogwai tour series will go up for sale tomorrow.  Drew Millward’s Omaha poster is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 125, and will be $30.  Ken Taylor’s poster for Denver is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 85, and will be $25.  Both of these are really, really amazing in person, easy to frame, and could go pretty fast.  They go up tomorrow (Thursday, May 14th) at 2pm CST.  Visit

19 Responses to “Mogwai Posters by Drew Millward and Ken Taylor (Onsale Info)”

  1. drew did it again……that thing is awesome

  2. amazing prints!

  3. that’s the one! thanks

  4. Awesome work by Drew as usual!

  5. does the millward mogwai have metallic inks (like the crystal antlers print)?

  6. does the millward have the writing on the artist’s version?

  7. The Show Edition of the Millward has metallic inks (picked up two at the concert), but not sure on the artist edition.

  8. Can the Millward possibly be any better?


  9. Yes, this version has the metallic inks as well.

  10. kevin,

    I’m jealous; I should have known those posters would go fast. I need to remind myself, merch table first, bathroom second…

  11. sweet! thanks

  12. Millward. Killed it.

  13. Taylor. Never heard of him, but equally as sick as the Millward.

  14. Beautiful prints…

  15. Beautiful prints…

  16. How come website says sold out at 2:00 EST time? I didn’t think they were dropping till 2:00 CT? Has it dropped yet?

  17. Just dropped! Get some!

  18. Got a couple!


  19. Damn, I really wanted this. Off to ebay I guess :[

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