Shane Hillman’s Kings of Leon Poster

Shane Hillman, a dude relatively new to rock posters, just busted on the scene with this Kings of Leon poster.  It’s a 10″ x 24″ screenprint available in a few versions:  Artist Edition (edition of 190, $25 shipped), A/P Edition (edition of 10 with a doodle on each, $50 shipped), Naural Variant (edition of 9 with a doodle on each, $60 shipped), and a Bling Edition (edition of 5 on chrome paper, $80 shipped).  Pick one up at

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  1. I’m interested in concert posters.I like the kings of Leon poster is it for sale? I’m looking for original concert posters from black keys,white stripes,pearl jam,Ben Harper,Stp,Aic,nirvana,stones,beck

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