“Obey Eye” Art Print by Shepard Fairey (Onsale Info)

Here’s a brand new one from Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant.  “Obey Eye” is definitely a throwback to older Obey designs, both in message and aesthetics.  While I really like the direction of this one, that Elephant is a tough act to follow.  This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, will likely have an edition of 450, and will be $45.  These go up on Tuesday, April 21st at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. I like this! much more than the elephant.

  2. zzzZZZ

    Stagnant comes to mind

    And so ends my Shepard Fairey bashing, it’s just too easy

  3. I like the retro fell of it. Reminds me of Guerilla One. I’ll try for it but will most likely fail. It’s painful when you get all the way through the process, hit “Submit Order” and nothing happens.

  4. yeah, i like this way more then the elephant!!!!!!

    two thumbs way up.

  5. reading over the quote, i realized I’m not too much into the msg….. I love the image, but the “quote” is a little strange.

    does this quote also refer to Shepard and all the prints he is releasing? Should we not believe our eyes, and do what we are told (buy more prints via obeygiant.com)?

  6. Yeah I agree with what’s already been said, I like faireys messages and his Images, but if you look at his supply and demand book, the only “new” image he has put out in the last few months has been that bad brains collab, and the 1984 prints. ALL of the rest are recyled images with new color schemes.. They still all sell out, and even if ur finally lucky enough to get a paypal recipt comfirming ur order (I did on the retro 4 pieces at 2000 dollars I might add) they still refunded my money due to overselling!! I truly like shepard, but f*ck all this new popularity, and the impossibilty to purchase anything cool from obey!! I will never purchase anything from obey, and will continue to openly bash shepards poor attempt at a website, and their attempt to “appeal” to the common man. Wasn’t that what obey was all about? Or are we all just “obeying” as someone said earlier and just purchasing recycled obey sh*t and driving up the price? I truly think shepard is laughing at us all, and all the way to the bank!!

  7. Daddy Wellfare, it’s not a literal statement.


  9. some of shep’s better typography as of late.

  10. oh it’s literal. it’s soooooo literal that it’s hella trippy. hella.

  11. I wish i could buy it. I’ve 2 for 3 but it comes out the day i leave for the military.

  12. What typography!?

  13. Well it seems that this is Shepard’s world and we are only living in it. Everything this guy puts out sells out. What does that tell you about the public. If it is cool enough then we gobble it up. Just like Eminem and P Diddy who think they are true hip hop but they are like a water down version of ghetto hip hop. I am not bitter I am glad he is making millions and millions of dollars and loving life while many talented artists can’t give their prints away if they wanted to. But you guys have to admit this print blows and was done in two minutes and that is my two cents…

  14. LOL someone already found the image on the internet he stole the eye image…….

  15. whats the link? ..if there is one

  16. hella? do people still use that?

  17. Its up, somehow I snuck in before the rush and order mine.

  18. It’s gone already…

  19. And its gone… I will put mine up on eBay shortly =)

  20. how long did it take to sell out? 10 minutes?

    Whats up Andrew!!!!

  21. will they have more of this during the day? my first time ordering and for someone reason it kept denying my order even though i made it all the way to the submit order page.

  22. Wass, welcome to OBEY’s ordering. It cancels for all of us, the most you can do is resubmitting your order until it works properly and you get a confirmation email.

  23. i understand orders will get canceled due to the amount of people trying to access the server, but my problem occurs during the paypal checkout process. when i tried to change my address the button for Continue cannot be clicked, so then i have to start allover again starting from the Obey Store page. considering the server was kicking people out, i having to go back to the Obey page and doing it all over again. by the time i was able to get through, of course it was sold out.

  24. Wass, get used to it… If your Paypal account is not all set up and ready to go and you have to re-click this and that, your chances just went from nin to absolutely zero… Yes, Obey’s server blows and everyone goes thru the same BS. Out of the last 15 prints I’ve tried to buy, I nailed 4 of them. And a bunch of the purchases got cut off during Paypal checkout. Good luck next time.

  25. that’s lame period. i would have gotten a print today but obey can’t seem to figure out how to optimize their server. Thumbs Down Big Time!

    do they normally restock on prints once it’s sold out? it says they’re going to release it on random times.

  26. Wass, this has been going on for years, it’s not even worth complaining about. And 99% of the time the prints are gone for good, so I wouldn’t waste your time waiting for a restock.

  27. Yes, once prints are sold from Obey, most likely you won’t be able to get them thru Obey ever again. Try ebay…

  28. all good. just wanted to get more info for the next release. compared to other releases this one doesn’t even come close to bad. it was just frustrating because you would think obey would do a better job on the checkout process.

  29. Wass, like the admin said, we all deal with it, its all happened to us before, I can’t count how many times i’ve been on the confirm order screen and its bugged out on me and emptied my shopping cart. Obey will never be able to upgrade its servers to support the massive influx of hits and orders they get when they release it, you just have to be lucky.

  30. mine didn’t even empty my cart until it was sold out. oh well, im sure there are more prints to come out later on so i’m not stressing. i’ve gone through heavier traffic and getting something but i guess today wasn’t my day. next time guys!

  31. Hey admin how do I sell my obey stuff?

  32. As long as it’s not here, I do not care how you sell your Obey stuff.

  33. garage sale?

    I didn’t even try for this… how did it go, how long did it take to sell out? just curious if changes have been made.

  34. how about helping me out with my first piece and selling one to me for retail?

  35. Keep dreaming.

  36. Print sold out in ~10 mins, going for $150-$240 on eBay.

  37. Not as popular as the Elephant then. That one seemed to change owner for 300$.

  38. You know what’s even more fucked up? Getting an email from Obey saying they’re refunding my $$$ for the following reason:


    Whatever, Fairey.

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