Erykah Badu “The Healer” (Produced by Madlib, Artwork by Emek) 12″

I have decided to bring this post over from our sister site, OMG Vinyl.  For future record news, keep an eye there.  Fat Beats just got some copies of this highly sought after 12″ by Erykah Badu in stock. “The Healer” b/w “Real Thang” includes two tracks, both produced by Madlib, one not even on the album. The cover artwork was done by Emek. Grab one now for $15.99 at

5 Responses to “Erykah Badu “The Healer” (Produced by Madlib, Artwork by Emek) 12″”

  1. Grabbed 2. I would so give this to any Ebadu fan. Love her! Love Emek. I guess I’ll frame it since I haven’t a record player:)

  2. grabbed one when they went up, and got refunded today. sold out.

  3. Got my refund too

  4. Me 3. I wonder how many were for sale:( I though maybe I was refunded because they couldn’t fill my order of 2 –even though that was the stated limit. Now I see others were refunded too.

  5. Would love to scratch and mix with that…

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