New Concert Posters by The Silent Giants

The Silent Giants, my favorite artists from Michigan, just put a HUGE new load of posters up for sale.  The new batch includes designs for Anathallo, Murder by Death, Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes (rumored to be their last show ever), and Tokyo Police Club.  In the short time I have been writing about them, these guys have just gotten better and better.  Everything is beautifully hand-screenprinted and ridiculously inexpensive.  I’ve said it before, but these guys are worth supporting for sure.  Check out the posters below, along with a bunch of pics of the guys hard at work.  Then, visit The Silent Giants Store.

12 Responses to “New Concert Posters by The Silent Giants”

  1. The Anthallo is great, these guys are on fire

  2. I like all of these. Really solid stuff!

  3. I picked up the Anthallo print. Awesome!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the support guys! We got more stuff coming soon!

  5. i haven’t bought anything, but the stuff just kills.

    i love the Tokyo Police Club print

  6. That Murder By Death print is really on point. Great work!

  7. Some of my favorite gig-posters. Just stellar work, wish I had more money right now.

  8. Picked up the Modest Mouse. Love it!!!

  9. Wow, Ed. I said it once, but I’ll say it again: thanks for rocking some bad ass posters from Michigan. You cats wouldn’t happen to be doing one for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart show at the Pike Room, would you?

    I would snatch that up in a second!

  10. Hey Jon, about that show in pike room, we are not doing that, sorry. We are tied up in a lot of other gigs right now, so there will be tons of new stuff coming in the near future!

  11. These posters are incredibly incredible. Top notch work guys.

  12. […] Recently, The Silent Giants added a whole bunch of new concert posters to their online shop. Here are a few of my favorites, as well as some process pics from OMGPosters. […]

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