“Narwhal” Art Print by Diana Sudyka

Diana Sudyka’s new oceanic art print was one of the best things I picked up at Flatstock last weekend.  “Narwhal” is a 19″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of 90, and is only $30.  The metallic overprint on this one is great in person.  Visit her Etsy Shop.

Due to Etsy limitations, you may see this go in and out of stock.  Just keep an eye on her store and you should be ok.

4 Responses to ““Narwhal” Art Print by Diana Sudyka”

  1. narwhals! love it…

  2. I think is beautiful. Maybe next week if it is still around I will grab one. I am trying to be disciplined.

  3. Diana’s work just keeps getting better.

  4. agreed. i love all her work for andrew bird, especially her large beetle tour poster.

    i picked up her crane art print at flatstock.

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