“Mathematics” Art Print by Phil Lumbang

Following the success of his collaborative print with Ernesto Yerena, Phil Lumbang is now ready to release his first solo art print.  “Mathematics” is an 18″ x 24″ hand-painted multiple, has an edition of 33, is $100.  Yes, each print is hand-painted and totally unique.  You can grab one now at JetSetGraffiti.com.

Be sure to also check out this video of Phil doing some work on the street, as well as explaining the “Mathematics” piece.

14 Responses to ““Mathematics” Art Print by Phil Lumbang”

  1. coooooooooooooool

  2. Black bears plus albino bears equal pandas?

  3. No… that would be Black Bears + Polar Bears = Pandas.

  4. wonderful, pure and simple, trully fucking wonderful

  5. I love the image but $100 plus $20 for domestic shipping makes this print a bit overpriced in my opinion. Had it been $50 plus $10 shipping then I would’ve bought it. I’ll just wait for his next print.

  6. beautiful work! I love bears of all colors 🙂

  7. Nice execution!

    ps – I had a similar idea:

  8. come on man… a 100 buckaroos is fine cause they have HAND painted faces with unique expressions. even with the 20 bills shipping its still a fair deal. aaaaaight

  9. I agree. This is a deal for a unique hand-painted print…

  10. I love the bears! It’s so clever, I will totally buy this!

  11. Which is dominant and which is recessive?

  12. Is there really anyone who would still do business with Jet Set Graffiti?

  13. oh, i dunno… the 33 people that paid for their prints, for starters…. last i checked i couldnt get one cuz it was sold out… hrm… craaaazzzzyyy….

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