Shepard Fairey’s Bad Brains Art Print (Onsale Info)

Shepard Fairey has teamed up with photographer Glen E. Friedman and the legendary punk rock band Bad Brains for a new print release.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 425, and will be $120.  The print is signed by Fairey, Friedman, and all of the original members of Bad Brains.  It will drop sometime during the day on Thursday, March 26th.  I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be after one of these, what an awesome collaboration.  Visit

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  1. awesome collab indeed…the look of the poster..not as much imo.

  2. Just to let everyone know, the last obey print Israel/Palestine was oversold again! Obey quietly issued refunds to people without explanation. There some people bragging about getting 2 of them, when I wasted my time and got nothing. Don’t expect this sale to go smoothly, they still haven’t fixed their paypal checkout system.

  3. Whoever thought they fixed their servers is naive. Shep has stated any improvements would be marginal. This Bad Brains print sale will be cake if you’re around when it goes up. A lot of people arent going to shell out $135 shipped. When the demand is less, the prints sell quicker b/c there is less congestion on their servers. It is the way it is, and its not changing anytime soon.

  4. Here’s the explanation:

    They sold more prints than they had available to sell.

  5. Is this going to be the new price for Fairey prints?

    Does anyone know if Beefloaf is buying?

  6. Love the style of this print. An incredible amount of detail as well.

  7. it’s a bad brains poster, not a paul mccartney poster. the price doesn’t make sense.

  8. if it were a mccartney signed print, it would prolly be $500 and signed with a stamp.

  9. I suspect it’s at this price because it’s signed by the band members too. Not a Bad Brains fan but I’ll probably try for it anyway….

  10. signed by all of bad brains & the photographer as well, that means they all get a cut of the price

  11. I’m actually not a fan of Obey, but I will be trying for this one.

    Pretty cool to have it signed by the whole band!

  12. yeah dudes lets face it. obey is lame, and always will be. definitely good for the ‘industry’, but lame at heart. bad brains is good.

  13. if you are a bad brains fan you know why this poster cost what it does, to get all 4 original members to sign the same poster, are you kidding? that’s like the most amazing thing ever, i am a BB fan and it’s hard to believe they even got it done. and to have Shepard and GEF sign it too. don’t kid yourself, if bad brains fans get wind of this it will be sold out before you get to try and put in your order. to get paul mcartney (one person) to sign a poster would be 1000 times easier and less valuable… it’s usually only the collaborations they charge more for.

    up now.

  15. Yep, links back to Obey. Easiest Obey ever!

  16. Looks like it already ended.

  17. I think I got one, unless I get a refund.

  18. The links are still up so you can Add to Cart before it tells you it’s empty. Pretty rude.

  19. Yeah, I saw that. I have no confidence…I wonder if the item count was accurate as sales were being made. Seems like they hung around for an hour. I don’t know where some people saw how many were left (over at the EB forum).

  20. I’m in for one.


  21. Good luck to anyone who will try for one through obey tomorrow!


  23. Has this already sold out on Obey’s site? If so, when did the rest go online for sale?

  24. I want to know too, last night it said out of stock before the release date even happened and I woke up and it still said out of stock…

  25. Did they all go on the 24th at the bad brains site?

  26. it’s up

  27. not flying either…i want one but 120 bones is a little rich for my blood.

  28. i just got one

  29. they are up for sale on obey……just got one

  30. Boo ya! First one I have been able to buy from the Obey site.
    Didn’t freeze up once! I guess everyone thought they already sold out.
    This is going up next to my Public Enemy print.

  31. Says it’s sold out now.

  32. scored one. Anybody wants it so much that they are willing to trade for israel/palestine print? It was my favorite but wasnt able to get one…

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