Zach De La Rocha x Ernesto Yerena Art Print

Ernesto Yerena has teamed up with Zach De La Rocha to produce this art print for a good cause.  Originally conceived in 2006, this image will now see the light of day as an 18″ x 24″ print (signed by both Ernesto and Zach) with an edition of 80 and a price of $100.  The proceeds from the sale will go to benefit organizations fighting the injustices surrounding Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.  These go up for sale today (Monday, March 16th) at a random time.  For more info, visit  To actually purchase the print, visit

19 Responses to “Zach De La Rocha x Ernesto Yerena Art Print”

  1. mine just came in the mail today 🙂

  2. is it awesome?

  3. It is the shinit….Received it Friday. It’s a must!

  4. i’m at work and it’s sitting next to my desk, i’ll open it when i get home…. people who have opened theirs over at thegiant are saying it’s awesome.

  5. it’s sold out. i’ve been checking and have no idea when it even went up! Crazy.

  6. Didn’t this go sale today? How do people have it already?

  7. went up a little after 12pm…..
    had in the paypal cart…got dumped
    sold out in less than a minute.
    —yeah, saw one up on ebay at 10:30am????


  8. The reason some people have these prints aready is Ernesto sold some to a select few, and he also sold 20 on the Giant Forum. I scored one of the 20…. This print is rad, and Zacks signature is frickin HUGE!

  9. evidently some of these were sold through Obey.

  10. i would think the jpeg would give this piece justice.

    it’s one ink on a cream paper, not like it’s canvas or something…

  11. @snowman,
    ernesto had a presale for the people over at

    it’s not on cream paper, it’s on recycled brown paper. looks similar to a brown paper lunch bag.

  12. I do not think Obey sold any but only help promote it. I could be wrong. I think it should also be added that the people who had an opportunity to purchase one early have purchased some of his other stuff previously and a fan of his work. That being said – Most of the people were from giant.ooorg

    I love mine!

  13. @Eeeee,
    it was not sold on obey and ernesto sold the first 20 prints exclusively to anyone on whether or not they have bought from him in the past.

  14. et al,

    ah, my bad. i misunderstood. thanks for clarifying.

  15. does any one else see bob marley ??

  16. I’d be dissapointed on missing these if that looked like Zach.

  17. i wish i had one…

  18. @bananafana feux,
    you should eat your words because it looks EXACTLY like Zach in the photo the print is based off of:


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