Aaron Horkey’s Init Fest 2009 Poster

Well here’s a peek at another great new Aaron Horkey poster.  This one is a 19″ x 30″ six color screenprint with a split fountain and metallic gold ink.  There will be an embossed edition of 68 available at the festival in Sioux Falls this weekend, with a full edition online later.  I’ll bring you info as I receive it, until then, enjoy!

Click the image for a much larger view, it looks way better than this small one:

13 Responses to “Aaron Horkey’s Init Fest 2009 Poster”

  1. shes a beaut!

    if i had any reason to get a 13 or a 14 as a tattoo, thats them there.

  2. wow!

    it’s now my desktop background.


  3. Aaron’s Arcade Fire poster was the one that started it all for me, and he continues to be one of my very favorite artists. The man is simply amazing!

  4. Does some one want to explain what the hell is going on with the birds head here? Is that its right Nemo-like-gimpy-wing behind it? Is that a blue bulb on the side of its fat head or the sky?

    6 color screenprint and they couldn’t differentiate between the sky and the side of his head?

  5. http://www.chickendancetrail.com/images/PrairieChicken1_l.jpg

  6. Stunning print job!

  7. Gorgeous.

  8. Jaw dropper

  9. I love this guys work but its almost always for bands and now events that I have never heard of

  10. Kills it Everytime.

  11. This is the courtship display of a Greater Prairie Chicken (a type of grouse). Here they are in action–amazing.

  12. breathtaking…

  13. I saw this poster in person….wow its beautiful, Aaron is an amazing print maker wish I could meet him so he could show me the ropes….

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