Ten Questions With Dan McCarthy

It’s been awhile since we did the whole Ten Questions thing, so I thought I’d make it a good one.  I’ve invited the always awesome Dan McCarthy to sit down for a few minutes.  Enjoy!

Age: 32

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Years Doing Posters: Approx. 10 years.

Favorite Poster / Art Print You’ve Done: The one I’m working on right now…

All-time Favorite Poster / Art Print that Someone Else Did: All things Horkey

Music Currently In Rotation: This is straight from “recently played” in iTunes: bob dylan “the freewheelin’ bob dylan, tortoise “Millions Now Living Will Never Die”, miles davis “bitches brew”, bob dylan “Bringing It All Back Home”, bob dylan “Highway 61 Revisited”, the frames “For The Birds”, coldplay “Viva la Vida”, radiohead “In Rainbows”, radiohead “hail to the thief”, queen “A Night at the Opera”, don caballero “Singles Breaking Up”, battles “mirrored”, jimi hendrix “Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix”, vulcans “star trek”, tv on the radio “Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes”, led zeppelin “”Houses Of The Holy”, black mountain “in the future”.

Last Print, Poster, or Toy Bought: I’ve been buying a lot of reissued skateboards: Rob Roskopp 5, Rob Roskopp “Eye”, Street Creep and Corey Obrien “Purgatory”.

Art Hanging On Your Walls: Painting by Richard Colman, painting by Sean Micka, drawing by Scott Buoncristiano, painting by Alexis Trice (sloth eating cheetos), Jay Ryan Shellac (radio tower), 3 spider webs by Will Knight, 4 Japanese prints from the 1930’s.

Upcoming Stuff: I’ll be showing some paintings/drawings/prints along with Daniel Danger at Gallery 1988 San Francisco April 4 – 28.

Words of Wisdom: “All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time given to you.”…-Gandalf

To see more of Dan’s work, visit DanMcCarthy.org.

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  1. Another amazing 10 questions, however brief.

    Info on the upcoming show at 1988:

  2. i wish he would get some more shirt sizes in!…i’ve been waiting for a while to buy a shirt

  3. Nice, can’t wait to see what Mr. McCarthy is working on.

  4. speaking of dan… i’m selling some out of print dan mccarthy’s including an AP “the day everything became nothing” and others.

    email me if interested.

  5. Dude, use ebay or expressobeans, the comments section of a blog is not the most efficient way to sell a print.

  6. According to Facebook Dan just got married. Congratulations Dan!

  7. goooo Dan!

  8. Congrats on the wedding Dan!

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