New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Straight No Chaser” (Onsale Info)

Dave Kinsey is set to release what is definitely one of his more stunning pieces of work in awhile.  “Straight No Chaser” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 125.  It will drop today (Friday, February 27th) at a random time.  Visit

22 Responses to “New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Straight No Chaser” (Onsale Info)”

  1. stunning

  2. Creepy

  3. I’m conflicted. I’ve never bought a Kinsey. Do these colors look better in person?

  4. I’m mad for this; its expressive and spirited! Does anyone know if it will be in the same price point as other Kinsey works?

  5. Yes

  6. The Kinsey I bought was really the best looking print color and texture wise ever
    No joke

  7. I agree, BlkMrkt’s printing is top notch . . . and boy do they know how to ship! I bet this will look amazing in person.

  8. she’s up….10am….
    130 is steep, but….had to get 1…..
    I agree, print is tight and shipped quick….

  9. Its UP!!

  10. gots it $130

  11. Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

  12. Every time i have ordered from bll/mrkt I have recieved the print two days later, EVRY TIME! Super fast and well packed, I live in NY by the way so it’s not just next door.

  13. Got one – darn – didnt want to spend any cash but this is the best I have seen of Kinsey since the orange gun

  14. anyone got any coupon codes???? what up. 130’s a lil too high! pobre me!

  15. The design is pretty fresh but the colors are a turn off for me as well.

    The last couple of Kinsey’s I have purchased are the most impressive screen print jobs I have ever seen.

    Better than BONA imo.

  16. God damnit again! Should I? I held off on the Florian print, not sure if I can for this. I need another Kinsey so my other one wont get lonely.

  17. its over….sold out….forget about it….move on to the next one.

  18. no way, the colors are insane!

  19. yea i realized that after i posted that.

  20. I LOVE IT!!

  21. Amazing piece. Man…

  22. I just picked mine up from the gallery today and I have to say it is the best screenprint i have ever seen. Absolutely beautiful!!! If you dont have a kinsey I would recommend getting one.

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