Art Prints at Zenvironments

Zenvironments (aka the work of Portland’s Zach Johnsen) has a number of amazing, amazing, amazing art prints for sale.  These two from his new “Acid In The Ice Cream” series are the highlights, but there are also a few inexpensive screenprints available.  The info on these two is listed below, but see all the prints at the Zenvironments Shop.

“Black Rasberry”

12″ x 29″ Giclee, Edition of 18, $75:

“Red No. 3”

12′ x 29″ Giclee, Edition of 10, $75:

9 Responses to “Art Prints at Zenvironments”

  1. they somehow appeal to me but i am not sure if i would hang them in my home…

  2. dude, I dig em, but am over paying that much for prints

  3. oops left out the I…I’m over paying $75 for a new print

  4. these are incredible– really sweet cloth rendering. if they’re still around in a week or so, i may come back and pick one up. wish they were a little smaller though…

  5. These are incredible. I gotta pick one up for sure.

  6. RED 3 has almost sold out completely. This guy will be one to watch for 09. Incredible details.

  7. GREAT posters, personal all-time favorites.

  8. Damn, it has been a while since I have seen soemthing that I “have to have…” RED 3 is phenominal. Sadly, the scratch is running low around here. Def. one to watch.

  9. Of anyone bought a Red No.3 print and would like to trade something for it, please post a comment here and I will contact you. I would love to have this print, but did not have the cash to spend right now.

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