“Firmanent” Art Print by Scott Parsons

South Dakota artist Scott Parsons has just debuted on the scene with his first ever art print.  “Firmanent” is an 18.5″ x 32″ screenprint available in two colorways (blue sky and green sky, editions of 30 each) and costs $55.  Considering this is a large, ten-color screenprint, the price is well justified.  Visit Scott’s Store.

6 Responses to ““Firmanent” Art Print by Scott Parsons”

  1. Is that a terradactyl?

    Decent work, but the print would be super sweet w/o the stripe or the bones. Great work on the sunset.

  2. wow, that’s a lot of mamazing art coming out right now.

  3. awesome!

  4. Love the green, understand the work that went in –but I am still not sure about spending $55 right now:(

  5. Broke down, bought the green -it just looks so beautiful and at an edition of 30, I didn’t want to miss out.

  6. Can someone add to expressobeans?

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