French Paper Co. Promotional Art Prints by CSA Design

Minneapolis firm CSA Design has crafted these beautiful new art prints as part of the new 2-color series, a series of prints made to promote the French Paper Co.  These are 19″ x 24″ offsets, and will be mostly given away free at upcoming paper and design shows.  There will also be some for sale online later down the road, but enjoy these images until then.

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  1. I want that purple one! Will there be any paper and design shows open to the public in Los angeles?

  2. yeah, that purple one is rad! I’d like one too….any chance you can point someone in the right direction…

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  4. Holy Beans! These are all fantastic! Please let us know when there is any news on them being available to the general public, thanks!

  5. These are ace! I too like the purple one…

  6. I am always amazed at how everyone jumps on Shepard Fairey for ripping off the past yet no one calls CSA on it. CSA openly brags about they “strip-mining” history in order to sell it back to people.

  7. CSA pwns your mom in the balls!

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  10. […] French Paper Co. Promotional Art Prints by CSA Design […]

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  12. I’m tired of the CSA stuff, I was quite a fan of ol’ Charlie’s work back in the 90’s, but the guy needs a new direction now. These are so *yawn*.

  13. i can say that i miss jacko so much coz i am one of his die hard fans-‘:

  14. Excellent Prints

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