“The Dude” Art Print by Ben Swift

Ben Swift is now selling his submission for the upcoming Big Leblowski-themed art show at Leia Bell’s Signed and Numbered Gallery.  “The Dude” is a 12″ x 16″ art print, has an edition of 80, and is only $20.  Grab one in the Gigposters.com Classifieds.

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  1. Looks like that classified doesn’t exist anymore… I can’t seem to find it on the GP site anywhere.

  2. Hey OMG! Thanks for the post! The print sold much more rapidly than I anticipated, sold out and actually over-sold before I got a chance to stop the sale. I am talking to those who ordered a copy about refunds or a possible 2nd edition. I will decide within the next day or 2 what I’m going to do. If you have an opinion- please leave a note here and let me know! or go to my website and contact me through there, or leave a comment. Thanks everyone!

  3. I missed it, I hope they do a second run of this, want.

  4. Great Print! Congrats on the sale.

    I was unanable to get one so I am all for a 2nd edition 🙂

    …but my experience is that they are really not worth all the trouble/complaints/etc.

  5. I’ll vote for a 2nd edition! Waited too long to pull the trigger.

  6. 2nd ediion! please!

  7. Keep limited edition art limited.

    Why bother announcing an edition size if its just going to be changed?

  8. 2nd edition is great for a piece like this.

    Lemme know I want one for the office.

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  10. This aggression will not stand, man.

    I need my Dude art! Second run ahoy!

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  13. Those colors are wwwaaaaay the fuck off, if reprint them fix the colors

  14. Second edition please 🙂

  15. Ben dude

    You gotta do a second run dude

    please dude

    STFU Donny!!

  16. i need one of these, ya know, man…2nd edition please!

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