Some Aaron Horkey Internet Finds…

My good friend Decker3984 from Expressobeans hyped me to two really great Aaron Horkey-realted finds on the internet.  First and foremost, you can score a copy of an awesome zine that Aaron worked on many years ago.  I don’t have a whole lot of info about what is actually inside “Sea of Seed 4”, but […]

New Dave Kinsey Art Print: “Straight No Chaser” (Onsale Info)

Dave Kinsey is set to release what is definitely one of his more stunning pieces of work in awhile.  “Straight No Chaser” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 125.  It will drop today (Friday, February 27th) at a random time.  Visit

Art Prints by Brainstorm

Every once in awhile, I find a small studio producing prints that I feel pretty much everyone will enjoy.  Brainstorm is one of these places.  They are creating limited, handmade artwork for ridiculously low prices.  I have included the info on a few of my favorites below, but be sure to check out the whole […]

“Supply And Demand – 20th Anniversary Edition” Book by Shepard Fairey (Signed Copies)

Obey Giant just released some signed copies of Shepard Fairey’s new 20th anniversary edition of “Supply and Demand”.  The 446 page hardcover book has been updated with new work, including the Obama campaign.  You will also receive an 18″ x 24″ color poster with your purchase (I assume just a glossy version of the cover […]

“The Birth of Unwreckoning” Art Print by Edwin Ushiro

A Paper Tiger just released this impressive new art print by Edwin Ushiro, really strong imagery.  “The Birth of Unwreckoning” is a 12″ x 12″ giclee, has an edition of 25, and is $100.  Here is what the artist had to say about the piece: “In Hawaiian mythology, Madame Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of […]

“Momento Mori” Mini Art Print Set by J.R. Goldberg

J.R. Goldberg, who I found at about at Creep Machine, just released this awesome set of mini art prints based on mortality.  “Momento Mori” includes nine 3.5″ x 5.5″ offset prints, has an edition of 200, and is $45.  Visit Goldberg’s Etsy Shop.

“Skull” Art Print by The Last Moon

The Last Moon is a new collaboration between Paul Rentler and Lonny Hurley (who is always great).  Their new “Skull” art print is a 25″ x 25″ screenprint, has an edition of only 20, and is $40.  Expect to see alot of cool stuff from these guys in the future.  Grab one in the […]

“To Serve And Protect” Triptych by Tony Clough

Tony Clough, a printer from Modern Multiples Studio, has created this awesome set of three art prints for Jetset Graffiti.  The “To Serve and Protect” triptych consists of three 15″ x 15″ screenprints, has an edition of only 15, and is $150.  Visit Also, if you’ve got some serious dough to spend, Jetset has […]

“Sweetcheeks” Woodcut Art Print by Luke Dixon

FUSShop just released this woodcut art print by Luke Dixon, it’s cool to see them do something different than their usual screenprints.  “Sweetcheeks” is a 20″ x 27.5″ woodcut print, has an edition of 75, and is £44.99.  Visit

Sneak Peek at Alex Pardee’s Walrus Rider

ToyCyte just revealed some awesome pictures of Alex Pardee’s upcoming Walrus Rider figure for Upper Playground.  I’m sure there will be multiple colorways, and I’d bet this one will not be my favorite.  In any case, it is a very cool sculpt with lots of potential.  Get more info at

“Gutterballs” Big Lebowski Print by Pete McDonough

Here’s another great print from Signed and Numbered Gallery’s Big Lebowski show.  “Gutterballs” is a 12.5″ x 19″ screenprint, has an edition of 85, and is $30 shipped.  Pick one up in the Classifieds.

Lifeforce Poster by Jacob Van Loon

Damn, this thing is great.  Jacob Van Loon pretty much nailed this poster for an Alamo Drafthouse screening of everyone’s favorite movie about vampires in space, Lifeforce.  He did the main illustration, while the layout and collage were done by Grey Crow (something tells me that’s an alias, very mysterious).  This one is a 19″ […]

Mars-1 at Jonathan Levine Gallery (Pictures!)

If you can’t tell by now, I really, really like Mars-1.  The Arrested Motion crew was (of course) at the opening of his new show at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC.  This new work is just great, and lucky for us, they took a ton of photos.  There are also some shots of Nuoar’s work, […]

Beastie Boys Art Prints by Visual Technicians

Jeff Boyles of Visual Technicians has a few copies of his Beastie Boys art print set left, but you’d better hurry.  This is a set of three 14.5″ x 14.5″ screenprints, has an edition 44, and costs $75.  Grab a set at

Alphabet Print by Morning Breath

What a great combination, an alphabet poster designed by Morning Breath.  This one is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 125, and is $40.  Pick one up at