Sneak Peek at a New Aaron Horkey Sketch

Thanks to Burlesque Design’s blog, we got a sneak peek at a brand new Aaron Horkey sketch in progress.  The finished piece will be part of the album packaging for The Blinding Light’s new record, “Junebug”, but they also hinted at a future art print.  This will probably rule, enjoy!

5 Responses to “Sneak Peek at a New Aaron Horkey Sketch”

  1. wow.

  2. Horkey Rules!

  3. JUNEBUUUG!!! *In I’m Gonna Get You Sucka voice

    how’d he go to the bathroom with all that stuff on?

    Horkey rules

  4. mmmmmm horkey fly…

  5. This record kills. Horkey kills. It just doesn’t get better.

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