New Art Prints by Marq Spusta

Unfortunately, Marq Spusta’s Night Owl art print is already sold out, but he also posted a bunch of other cool new prints.  They are all screenprints with very small editions and reasonable prices (starting at only $20).  Check the new stuff out at

7 Responses to “New Art Prints by Marq Spusta”

  1. Maaan. I’m so pissed off I missed the night owl. The top one looks good though…hmmm.

  2. Yeah, it went really fast.

  3. It went VERY fast…glad i snagged one…maybe i’ll get lucky and get a variant too.

  4. It would be a nightmare to print Marq’s work, good night.

  5. I bought Antlorius Orkaphylx, cuse I have the money at the moment, and I’m weak

  6. and it’s awesome

  7. More amazing prints from Marq.

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