Florian Bertmer “Valentine” Package

Well this is just awesome.  Shirts and Destroy have dropped their newest Florian Bertmer package, this one just in time for your favorite romantic holiday.  The bundle includes the best Valentine’s Day shirt I’ve ever seen, a screenprinted 5″ x 7″ valentine in a hand-printed envelope, and a screenprinted shipping box, all for only $36.  They will be capping the edition on this at 90, so hurry over to ShirtsandDestroy.com.

Also, here are some spy shots of Florian’s new “Hagakure” art print in the color proofing stage.  More details to come, this thing is looking ridiculously awesome.

10 Responses to “Florian Bertmer “Valentine” Package”

  1. Hagakure print is sick!

  2. wow,that beast is huuuuuge.the shirt is pretty dope as well!

  3. i am not a an of the Hagakure print, but the other stuff is great. it really shows florian developing his own unique style further and further.

    john, is that you holding the print?

  4. wow that dude is awesome, reminds me of pushead stuff from back in the day! 🙂

  5. the best print Bertmer has ever put out was that Lone Wolves. incredilbe coloring. go figure there were only like 12 printed.

  6. Damn, this is awesome. But I have way too much Florian stuff at this point. I will, however, buy his Hagakure print. That is a must.

    This guy rocks it every time. And im not just saying that.

  7. @ Jordan
    If I remember correctly, Lone Wolves was printed as giclee for Fifty24SF, and I think there were about 100 printed. You may be able to track one down, or even call the gallery, I don’t think they sold incredibly fast, they might know where you can get one. I’d say they were $100-$200, and not as large as Shirts and Destroy prints them

  8. @evan

    lonewolves was an edition of 12 and it was sold out after two or three days.i know because i tried getting one….

  9. That’s rough. Sorry, my mistake. I LOVE that piece, and I would love to have one of those giclees. These artist put out amazing stuff when money is tight. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

  10. just ordered my valentine boxset.stoked!

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