Daniel Danger NADE and Print Set (Onsale Info)

About two years in the making, Daniel Danger is finally about to release his Jamungo NADE figures.  They are 3.75″ toys, available in red and blue colorways.  The total edition is 500 sets, but Daniel only has half of them.  They will be sold in a package with both colorways of the toy and one of three mini art prints (5″ x 5″ screenprint, packed randomly) for only $20.  The sets go up today (Thursday, January 22nd) between 2pm and 3pm EST. Visit the Tiny Media Empire Store.

20 Responses to “Daniel Danger NADE and Print Set (Onsale Info)”

  1. what a patriotic looking post for such patriotic times…

  2. yay! i’ve been waiting for this release

  3. anyone want the doll, not the print? we can split it. send me a pm on expressobeans at angus3102

    I want the print but not interested in the doll

  4. It sucks that EVERYTHING is made in China.

  5. hope they go on sale before i have to leave for work!

  6. Dude they are NOT dolls!

  7. Oh yeah and they are up right now.

  8. got one, i hope i get the red on white print

  9. got one too, hope I get the red on black

  10. I want red on white! Got one order in.

  11. Got one here…hoping for the print on white or red….thinking about getting another set so i can give the figures as a gift to a friend and keeping the print for me…I dont wanna give up my set of figures and have a friend that would love it

  12. Brian – there is a new slogan…..

    “America – Made In China”

  13. I hate DOLLS. call them what you will, they are what they are.

  14. SOLD OUT

  15. Moog, It’s more like American ingenuity, made in China.

    I don’t understand why we can’t make stupid little trinkets and like this here? It might keep an illegal alien in work.

  16. “cant be done. no factory will do it. ive looked, frank has looked, weve all looked.”

    thats the answer from upstairs.

  17. Anyone want to go into business MAKING little doo-dads and knick-knacks, or brickabracks, or chotchkies, or anything else you want to call them? I smell a good business for the states.

    Plus you can proudly display “Made in America”

  18. When/where are the other half scheduled to drop?

  19. They will be at most designer toy stores. I’d keep an eye on Rotofugi and Pinkghost, two of our sponsors. If you’re in the UK, Richard Goodall Gallery will have them.

  20. These are in stock at Rotofugi.

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